Khloe's Photos From Penelope's Birthday Party Will Make You Want To Get Pancakes

by Kristie Rohwedder
Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If you are in need of a fresh 'n' fun birthday party idea, look no further than Khloé Kardashian's photos of Penelope Disick’s birthday celebration. Three weeks after Khloé's nieces North West and Penelope had a Candy Land-themed joint birthday party, Penelope had another birthday party. It was not nearly as elaborate as the candy-coated soirée that transformed Kourtney Kardashian's backyard into a Candy Land game board, but it did have pancakes, pajamas, and a big limo. The Kardashians love a party at IHOP (remember Kourt's baby shower?) (or Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's third anniversary?), and P's seventh (!!!) birthday is keeping this grand tradition alive.

On Monday, July 8, Kourtney and Scott Disick’s middle child turned seven. That same day, Khloé posted an Instagram Story she took while she was standing in front of an IHOP sign. And then, she posted a video she took as a Mercedes-Benz G-wagon limo pulled up next to her. And then, she posted some videos of P and her party guests climbing out of the G-wagon limo, all in pajamas and ready to seize the day (and/or seize some Rooty Tooty Fresh ’N Fruity pancakes). And then, she posted some photos of everyone tucking into some IHOP breakfast items. What a delight.

In summary: Penelope and her buddies had a pajama party in a G-wagon limo and made a pit stop at the International House of Pancakes. Is that an excellent way to celebrate a birthday, or is that an excellent way to celebrate a birthday? Man, IHOP rules.

Speaking Of IHOP, Here Is The B-day Venue

International House of Pancakes? More like International House of Party.

Here Is The B-day Ride

Honestly, it would be awesome to just take that thing for a few spins around the block and call it a day. But then you throw a trip to IHOP into the itinerary? And you are in PJs the whole time? Legendary.

Here Is North

Please look at North's slippers. Are those pink narwhals? They sure look like pink narwhals to me. Amazing. She really brought her A-game to her cousin's birthday party.

Here Is The Gal Of The Hour

Those slippers. Those PJs. That handbag. Penelope is a style icon.

Here Is Kourtney

Kourtney Kardashian, Mother of Birthday Girl, Eater of Giant Salads, Wearer of Fuzzy Slippers, and Queen of International House of Poosh.

Here's Penelope & True With Some Balloons

Wait, wasn't True Thompson a tiny infant, like, five seconds ago? Dang, time really is a flat pancake.

Here Are Three Kardashian Cousins

Welp, this is the cutest. Also, I am still not over those narwhal slippers. Or P's slides. Or True's booties.

Here's An IHOP Moment

Well, this is beyond precious, sweeter than syrup, et cetera.

Here's Another IHOP Moment

From here on out, all of my birthdays will be pajama parties at IHOP.

Happy birthday, Penelope. May your year be filled with magic and dreams and good pancakes.