Kim K Bragged About Saint’s Spelling Abilities & It Led To A Wild New Baby Name Suggestion

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Sometimes parents like to brag about their kids, and that includes Kim Kardashian. The mom of three took to Twitter Thursday, where she couldn't help but gush over the fact that her son, Saint, is a really good speller — like, really good. As you can see below in her tweet, Kardashian bragged Saint can spell "gargantuan". She tweeted, "Guys I have to say my son is a genius! He’s two years old and knows how to spell gargantuan. Had to brag for a sec!" That's pretty impressive for a toddler, so no wonder she's taking the time to brag. She's definitely one proud mama.

With most anything the Keeping Up With the Kardashians (executive producer: Kris Jenner) star posts on social media, she gets some interesting reactions. And the same is happening here, including that there are some Twitter users who don't believe Saint can spell that big of a word. As one person wrote in response to Kardashian, "I’m sorry, but there’s no way Saint West, or any 2 year old for that matter, can spell gargantuan. Calling BS."

People need to calm down and just let Kardashian have this bragging moment about her little boy, even if they don't believe her. However, besides those who are refusing to believe that Saint is a "genius", there are others having a fun time with Kardashian's tweet.

There are some Twitter users joking that "gargantuan" might actually be Kardashian and Kanye West's new baby's first name.

This Must Be The Name Reveal

Why else would Saint be spelling it?

It's A Serious Question

Kim, everybody's waiting.

It's Pretty Hilarious

Can you imagine?

There Are Only Two Choices


It's Such A Great Name


It Actually Works

Kanye is known for his enormous ego.

Obviously, Kimye wouldn't name their baby girl "Gargantuan" — well, probably not. But when it does come to their third child's moniker, it hasn't been revealed yet.

As of Wednesday, they didn't even have any idea of what name to pick, West announced while out and about in Los Angeles. According to the Daily Mail, the rapper told paparazzi, "Can't think of name!" in regards to his baby who was born on Jan. 15 via surrogate. The Daily Mail also reported that one photographer suggested West name his daughter "Donda" after his mom who died in November 2007. West reportedly replied, "Oh, that's fire." The Blast reported Wednesday "sources close to the Kardashian family" said West wasn't joking when he said they had no idea for a name.

There have been plenty of theories and suggestions when it comes to a name for Kimye's baby. As one person suggested on Twitter, it has to start with the letter "E". Another Twitter user wrote, "If Kim Kardashian doesn’t name her baby Wild West what’s the point." Or, you know, "Tuesday Winter West," to play off when she was born, although it would really have to be "Monday Winter West."

Whatever name they choose, this time around it's been a process for the couple. While chatting with Ellen DeGeneres in November 2017, Kardashian said about naming her third child, "We're freaking out. We have no name." At her baby shower, the Selfish author even had guests give name suggestions. "At the baby shower, I was like, 'I just want everyone to write a name on a little tile and see if there is something that sticks,'" she said. No, none of the names suggested stuck.

There's a good chance they've finally decided on a name, but want to keep it to themselves for awhile. Or, you know, they're still struggling. Whatever the case, Kardashian and West will announce their daughter's name soon enough, but fans just have to be patient. Until that happens, let's just go with "Gargantuan West." It will probably make Saint feel even smarter.