Kim Posted A Pic Of North & It Immediately Made Everyone Talk About Kylie

Everyone knows who in the Kardashian-Jenner household is the most followed on Instagram or who they think has the best fashion sense. But, who in the family is the true hide and seek champion? From Kim Kardashian's own account, her daughter, North West, is the family's champ. However, as BuzzFeed notes, many fans joked on Twitter about Kylie Jenner being the true hide and seek expert because she hasn't been seen often at all since reports surfaced that she is pregnant. Even though she didn't literally play hide and seek like North, giving King Kylie the crown here may not be too off-base.

The whole thing started when Kardashian posted a photo on Twitter of her daughter hiding in an ottoman, with her curls peaking out. The photo is totally adorable, and the reality star captioned it, "North is the hide & seek champ!" along with a laughing-face emoji. But it didn't take long for users to reply to her photo with who they really believe the fam's hide and seek champ: Kylie Jenner.

Ever since TMZ reported that Jenner is pregnant in September 2017, the Life of Kylie (senior story producer: Janelle Couture) star and her family have been mum about the reports. Jenner has yet to comment on the reports at all, whether through social media or a statement, and she's barely been seen out in public since the news broke. She also failed to make an appearance on the family's Christmas card, even though many thought she'd reveal her pregnancy on the 25th of December (aka the final day of the family's Christmas photo series). Yet, it never happened. Ever since, people have been left wondering where exactly Jenner is. And that's exactly why so many people took to Twitter to deem her the queen of the hiding game.

Not Convinced

One person replied to Kardashian's tweet with a hilarious gif that shows just how unconvinced they are by the reality star's fun claim.

Who's The Real Champ?

Another user said that it's actually Jenner who won with her (rumored) pregnancy hide and seek. Sorry, North.

Where's Aunt Kylie, Though?

This user wondered whether North was visiting her aunt Kylie in that ottoman.

Is Kylie Hiding With North?

This user also jokingly said Jenner must be hiding in there with North because, you know, she's kind of been hiding from the world for months at this point.

Kylie Holds The Title

This user said it's actually Jenner who is the champ, and included a cheeky smiling emoji for good measure.


Yet another user disagreed with Kardashian's silly claim. This one kept it simple.

Not Buying It

Maybe she can pass along her crown to North later?

The 2017 Champion

Before Kardashian's latest tweet, people were already calling Jenner the hide and seek champ in 2017. If the shoe fits.

Kylie's Too Good At This

When Jenner didn't appear in the last family Christmas photo, many users also noted that Jenner might be playing some hide and seek games — long before Kardashian's post of North. (Maybe she was behind the Christmas tree this whole time?)

Looking For Kylie

Another user was also looking for Jenner in the Christmas photo. Was she just hiding amongst the fam this whole time?

Regardless of who's really the hide and seek champ, two things are still true: Kardashian's photo of North is super cute, and it's completely OK for Jenner to be a little evasive if she wants to. If she wants to continue this game with her fans, then so be it. Although, that probably won't stop them from trying to seek out any kind of confirmation.