Kim Kardashian Threw Chrissy Teigen A Surprise Baby Shower & The Photos Are SO Delightful

Mike Coppola/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Celebrity BFFs are just like you and your BFF. They tweet one another, have inside jokes, and even turn regular dinners into surprise parties for the guest of honor. Kim Kardashian threw Chrissy Teigen a baby shower on April 27, and not only was it a total surprise — it looks like the party of the year. Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, Chrissy Teigen, and John Legend were all there, as were Kris Jenner and potentially a few guests that may have preferred to fly under the radar. Based on everyone's Instagram stories and tweets from the event, it sounds like guests were in high spirits. They even joked about an infamous fake Vince Staples story about spending time with the Kardashians.

"Can you guess whose baby shower it is tonight?" Kim asked in her Instagram story, as her camera panned to show off the many Legend-themed cakes. Even Kanye, who tends to avoid posting about his personal life, got in on the social media fun. He posted a minute-long video to Twitter that showed Grammy Award-winner John Legend playing the piano skillfully playing a blush pink Steinway & Sons piano. Because of course Kim has a pink piano. In Kanye's video of the room, it looks as if Kourtney Kardashian also stopped by the party, and potentially even Khloe as well. There was cake — a lot of cake — and joy, and all kinds of fun happening at the dinner party of the year.

Take a look at Chrissy Teigen's surprise baby shower:

Politics, cake, North Korea, impromptu performances by Grammy winners, presents — just another night in the world of your favorite A-listers. In place of dazzling balloon arches or a transformed hotel suite, she went for a simple Friday night dinner in to celebrate (and surprise!) her longtime pal. And it seemed to work.

Judging by the Instagram stories of the night, John and Chrissy were genuinely surprised — and touched — by Kim's gesture. Their second child is due in June, which means a late April party is within a the regular time frame for most baby showers. Still, they'd have no way of knowing the casual Friday night dinner plans they'd discussed over Twitter would actually be a surprise event honoring Chrissy.

But wait, did you want to see even more of the surprise baby shower? Perhaps the multiple carrot cakes with adorable tiny elephants on them? Oh, those are all right here. Also, they say "You're a legend!" because of John Legend's stage name. His real name is John Stephens, but John Legend is his stage moniker, just in case you didn't get the cakes' masterful "legend" puns.

Behold, an extremely pregnant Chrissy Teigen, Kim Kardashian, Kris Jenner, and more goofing around at the surprise party! Caution: You will totally want cake after you scroll through. Don't say you weren't warned.

Even Kris Jenner posed with the cakes for Teigen's IG Story.

And then there were some group selfie photos, because why not?

"Chrissy ate that entire cake, you guys, by herself. And she's still going," joked Kim on her Instagram story. In another story, Kim cautioned Teigen as her friend sat on a sheep antique in the home. "Anyone who knows what this sheep is, the fact that Chrissy is sitting on it, you guys, you art collectors will be mortified," Kim said in the story, laughing. She continued: "I would get off before my mom comes." Teigen then did so.

An especially touching moment from the night: Kanye quietly filming his pal John Legend playing the piano. They'd publicly shared a bonding moment earlier in the week, so letting fans see that it was real is kind of amazing. And what an intimate moment.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are truly the friends of the year. Also, no pressure to the rest of Chrissy Teigen and John Legend's acquaintances, but Kim and Kanye just set a high bar for dinner parties and surprise baby showers.