Kim Reaches Her Breaking Point On 'Better Call Saul'

Michele K. Short/AMC/Sony Pictures Television

Kim Wexler just can't catch a break. While overextending herself by taking on Gatwood Oil as a client might not have been the smartest move, Kim's car accident on Better Call Saul proves how unfair life can be — especially for this particular character. While Kim was motivated by pride to gain another client other than Mesa Verde in June 5's "Slip," she wanted Billy Gatwood's case to also prove herself — which is admirable, especially considering how Howard Hamlin has treated her. Yet, in June 12's "Fall," all of Kim's efforts explode around her after she falls asleep at the wheel and gets in a car accident. Thankfully, Kim survives the accident on Better Call Saul, but this crash is bound to be a game changer professionally and personally for this strong-willed lawyer.

The fact that Jimmy's romantic partner is missing from Breaking Bad has led to people to wonder what will happen to Kim on Better Call Saul and her car accident is going to add more fuel to that fire. As TVGuide pointed out, theories about Kim's whereabouts in Breaking Bad range from she's dead to she's married to Howard Hamlin, but "Fall" seems to be pushing her to a boiling point that could lead to one of two things: That she joins Jimmy in his nefarious business dealings since she realizes she can't get ahead honestly or that she eventually separates herself from Jimmy entirely.

Michele K. Short/AMC/Sony Pictures Television

After Jimmy refused her offer to cover the office rent in "Slip," she was more inspired than ever to become Gatwood's lawyer — even more so than when Howard played mind games with her during her business lunch with Mesa Verde. And in "Fall," Jimmy blatantly ignores how stressed Kim is because he think his news that he manipulated the elderly people of Sandpiper Crossing to settle is more important than whatever she is doing. So as reasonable as Kim is, she may inevitably blame Jimmy for the events that led up to her car accident. And she wouldn't be entirely wrong since this desire to prove herself is made all the more intense because of Jimmy manipulating matters to have her earn Mesa Verde back in the first place. With that hanging over her head, her law practice has been tainted from the beginning and her story throughout Season 3 seems to be leading to the final moment of the June 12 episode where she looks on helplessly at all her hard work being scattered throughout the desert.

So perhaps more interesting than how this accident will affect Kim and Jimmy's relationship is how it will impact her career. With Wonder Woman being released this month, females as superheroes are in the forefront of entertainment fans' minds and Kim has been a real-life female superhero to Better Call Saul fans. In "Fall," she proves this yet again when she gets her car unstuck out of the sand. Kim is a rare female character in the Better Call Saul universe and it's the combination of her underdog status with her determined book and street smarts that makes her character so beloved.

Michele K. Short/AMC/Sony Pictures Television

Yet, any person of any gender who is burning the candle at both ends like she is would experience a similar fallout as she did in "Fall." Considering how strong of a character she is, I don't want this accident to be her undoing as a lawyer, but it's the type of event that makes a person reevaluate her situation. Maybe this moment will make her realize that as incredible of a lawyer as she is, she can't do it all on her own. Or maybe it will make her even more resolute to achieve her own success, perhaps far away from Albuquerque.

Either way, Kim's car accident is a breaking point for her on Better Call Saul — and whether it will lead her to break bad is something for fans to potentially see in the Season 3 finale.