Why Kirpa Could Be The Dark Horse Of This 'Bachelor' Season

Rick Rowell/ABC

Ahead of Colton's third week as the Bachelor, there are still plenty of women after Colton's heart who really haven't gotten a chance to show off who they are — and one of those contestants is Kirpa. While she may not have gotten a lot of screentime, Kirpa's Instagram shows that this Bachelor contestant is definitely worth getting to know. The Bachelor hasn't shown Colton bonding with Kirpa in a significant way just yet, but with an Instagram that highlights her genuine personality, Kirpa could be a dark horse of the season.

Kirpa Sudick is a 26-year-old dental hygienist from California. But her Instagram reveals that, like oh-so-many other Bachelor contestants, she also has a side career as a model. But don't write off Kirpa as a run-of-the-mill Bachelor contestant. As her LinkedIn profile reveals, she earned a BA in sociology before becoming a registered dental hygienist. She currently works for her father's dentistry practice and so her gorgeous modeling photos on Instagram highlight how many skills she has.

The Bachelor hasn't given her much of a chance to display her personality. But it's time to get to know Kirpa courtesy of her Instagram account.

She Likes Sports

Some of her first posts from 2015 are her at sporting events with friends — like the above shot at a Los Angeles Angels game. She captured attending another Angles game in 2016 and she must be a hockey fan too since she also shared when she went to a Los Angeles Kings game.

She's A Fan Of Animals

Kirpa must have a soft spot for the animal kingdom since besides hugging elephants, her Instagram shows her feeding giraffes and hanging with goats, butterflies, and deer at a fair.

She Works Hard

She graduated from dental hygienist school in April 2016 and she shared the above photo of herself in action.

But She Plays Hard Too

But Kirpa isn't all about work since her Instagram shows that she likes to travel with friends. And while she seems to have a solid friendship crew, there's really no insight into Kirpa's past romantic relationships on her 'gram.

She's Into Harry Potter & 'Game Of Thrones'

Beyond traveling with friends, she also tours around with her family. And while on a family trip in Croatia, she visited the Walls of Dubrovnik — which she noted filled in for King's Landing on Game of Thrones. She's also been to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, so Kirpa knows what's up when it comes to pop culture.

She Has Two Brothers

Speaking of family, it appears that she has two brothers — Harbans, who has been documenting his sister's journey to find love with hilarity on his own Insta, and younger sibling Arjan, who also couldn't pass up a Bachelor joke.

She's Close To Her Parents

She mentioned her love for her family in her introduction video. ut Kirpa's Instagram proves she's close to her mom and dad (who, don't forget, is also her boss) since in the above pic, they are attending a Coldplay concert together. In the first episode, she acknowledged that her family comes from diverse backgrounds and she confirmed through a retweet that she's half Indian and half white. She also shared an aw-worthy throwback pic of the family that's worth checking out.

She's A Talented Model

Kirpa is a model through The Gypsy Shack (TGS) Collective and most of her posts in the last year highlight this side of her life.

Vodka Is Her Drink Of Choice

Kirpa doesn't have too many recent pictures of her partying, but a series of posts from her friend's bachelorette party show that she may prefer vodka to champagne.

She Loves Some Good Wordplay

Whether it's a serious modeling shot or something from her personal life, Kirpa isn't afraid of including puntastic joke in her captions. For example, the caption for the above picture is, "let all your worries go, they are irrelephant." This corny — but great — wordplay make her even more endearing. And she's got jokes too since in her post announcing she's on The Bachelor, she used the hashtags #sorrymomanddad and #coltonbetterfloss.

As The Bachelor enters Week 3, viewers will have to wait and see if Colton gets to know the Kirpa that's featured on her Instagram. And hey, if Colton does spend time with her, she could very well become the Jason of this season.