The New Kitsch x Justine Marjan VOTE Bobby Pin Sends An Important Message

The Kitsch x Justine Marjan VOTE pin gives 100% of proceeds to When We All Vote.
Courtesy of Kitsch

2020 is here, and for some, the dawn of a new decade means resolutions and life changes. However, there's another reason why 2020 is major. It's a presidential election year, and Kitsch x Justine Marjan's VOTE bobby pin is here to encourage you and those who see your shiny new hair accessory to register to vote.

In 2019, celebrity hair stylist Justine Marjan (who calls stars like the Kardashians and Chrissy Teigen clients) paired up with brand Kitsch to launch multiple collections of hair accessories. From word bobby pins to faux leather headbands and scrunchies with chain-inspired designs, it's unlikely that you made it through last year without seeing one of the Kitsch x Justine Marjan creations. Celebrities like Ariana Grande and Cardi B have all been spotted in the pieces, and now the brand and stylist have teamed up with When We All Vote to spread the word about your civic duty.

The Kitsch x Justine Marjan x When We All Vote "VOTE" bobby pin features the same glittering rhinestone design as the collaboration's other iterations (like the "GLAM" and "BOSS" pins), but unlike those stylish accessories, the "VOTE" pin has a charitable bent. 100% of the proceeds will go to When We All Vote.

When We All Vote is a non-profit and nonpartisan organization that works to increase voter turnout specifically focusing on the age and race gap among voters. The organization analyzes data and utilizes grassroots approaches to organizing that meant to increase registration and voter turn out across the country. Plus, there's some serious star powder behind When We All Vote. It began in 2018 with recognizable co-chairs Michelle Obama, Tom Hanks, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Janelle Monae, Chris Paul, Faith Hill and Tim McGraw.

Of the decision to team up with When We All Vote, Kitsch CEO Cassandra Thurswell says in a press release, "The right to vote is something we are so lucky to have. We want the VOTE bobby pin to serve as a constant reminder of our voices and the opportunities they offer us to make direct change. Our fans have never shied away from expressive accessories and we know the partnership with When We All Vote is really going to resonate."

As for Marjan, she cites her continued passion for social justice and desire to educate others as the reason why the When We All Vote collaboration means so much to her. According to an Instagram post, Marjan also had some star power behind her design. She thanks actor and activist Kerry Washington for helping push her to create the piece.

The Kitsch x Justine Marjan "VOTE" pin supporting When We All Vote is available now on the Kitsch website. Slide that pin in your hair and start sliding into your friends' and family's DMs to get their registered.