Kim K Just Announced A New Beauty Product That’s Totally Unexpected

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

KKW Beauty is crushing it. The Kim Kardashian crafted line seems to be throwing new products around like candy during Halloween, and it's been a great 2018 for her fans. Now, there's a new product on the horizon. KKW Beauty cream shadow sticks are coming, and while the shades may look very un-Kim Kardashian, there's a very good reason for that.

On Wednesday, Kardashian took to her personal social media account as well as the KKW Beauty Instagram to showcase the brand's latest product: cream shadow sticks. In the image, fans can see what looks to be a very Kim K bronze hue, but that's pretty much it for colors Kardashian would wear. The other shades? An aqua blue, black, shimmer copper red, and deep oxblood hue.

Why are the shades different? This isn't your everyday KKW Beauty launch. The new cream shadows are in collaboration with the winner of the series Glam Masters, the Kardashian produced television series on Lifetime starring Kardashian's makeup artist and KKW Beauty collaborator Mario Dedivanovic. As part of winning the show, the lucky makeup artist was able to create a special product for Kardashian's makeup line. That product appears to be these vibrantly hued cream eyeshadows.

While the season finale of Glam Masters does not air until tonight, Apr. 18, the winner's products are now known. While they don't seem very Kardashian, don't forget Kardashian's last collab. People also seemed to have had doubts about the blue shade in her KKW x Mario palette, but here are certainly no doubts about it now.

The cream shadows are likely a combination of shades integral to the winner's makeup style but that are also in line with the vibe of the KKW Beauty brand. After all, that bronze stick certainly looks like it belongs on Kardashian's lids, and that aqua? It looks just as vibrant as the blue in she and Dedivanovic's palette.

The shadow sticks aren't just an interesting development because they're a collaboration, though. Kardashian has been teasing upcoming products coming from her brand for some time. One of her first teases was the KKW Conceal, Bake, and Brighten Concealer Kits. Those have already dropped and gone through a restock now. Then, it was her ten pan eyeshadow palette, two gloss, and a lipstick collaboration with Dedivanovic, another project fans knew was coming ahead of time.

The cream shadows, however, had no warning other than the finale of Glam Masters. Some fans may have thought that KKW Beauty lipsticks were coming. After all, Kardashian has mentioned launching them in the past, and with on calling the KKW x Mario collection home, an entire series of lip colors makes total sense.

That wasn't Kardashian's decision, though. It seems to have pre-arranged with the Glam Masters winner.

Could there be more than scream shadow sticks coming, though? Yesterday, Kardashian's brand tweeted a cryptic imagee of what looked like crush pigment to social media channels and dubbed the image a new peek of the collaboration. So could something else be on the way, too? A highlighter perhaps? Or is this just one of the shadows broken down? Only time will tell.

When the winner is announced, though, you'll be able to shop the new KKW Beauty cream shadows super soon. According to the post, they'll be available as early Apr. 21 if you'll be attendance at BeautyCon NYC. If not, though, they'll be up for grabs on the KKW Beauty website beginning Sunday, Apr. 23.

As of press time, there's been no announcement regarding price point or any images of swatches, but given that the Glam Masters winner will be announced tonight, more is sure to come with this new KKW Beauty product.