Kris Jenner Is Still Standing By Kanye, Even If She Wishes He Kept Some Things Private

Kris Jenner may not always agree with her children and their partners, but she'll always be there to love them. Kris Jenner talked about Kanye West's recent controversies during an appearance on Friday's episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and it sounds like she truly cares about her son-in-law, even if she doesn't share his beliefs.

After telling DeGeneres that West is an "amazing son-in-law," Jenner explained that she "can't control" anyone else's actions, so all she can do is be there for West. She told DeGeneres,

"My job as a mom is just to be there for my kids and be supportive and love them... You can't control what somebody else is doing. I can't always control what any of them do at any time. But I think what I really want to do is be there to help him be the best version of himself that he can be. And he knows that we're there if he needs us."

Still, Jenner added that she'd prefer if West didn't always share his controversial views with the public. Speaking about her son-in-law's recent meeting with President Trump, Jenner said to DeGeneres,

"It was very spontaneous. And the stuff that they were talking about when they got to the airplane, I was like, 'Oh my gosh, that's so, that is so Kanye.' He was sharing thoughts and things of himself. But I would rather he share some of that stuff privately. Obviously, it would be great. But I have to be able to show him that I'm here if he needs me."

West met with President Trump earlier this month in the Oval Office. While the meeting was intended to address issues like prison reform, West also shared a variety of viewpoints that weren't exactly related to the issues at hand. For instance, West at one point showed the president a photo of a hydrogen-powered plane. He praised the "Make America Great Again" hats too, and he criticized Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign slogan.

During the meeting, West also discussed his views on the 13th amendment, which ended slavery outside the prison system in the United States. The rapper called the amendment a "trap door." The president and rapper even discussed the possibility of West running for office at one point, with West saying he'd consider it "only after 2024," according to ABC News.

As for his wife, sources told CNN at the time that Kim Kardashian was supportive of West's meeting with Trump. Kardashian doesn't appear to share her husband's political views, though. She met with Trump earlier this summer to discuss prison reform, and the meeting led to Alice Marie Johnson's sentence being commuted. Johnson was serving a life sentence for a first-time, non-violent drug offense and had already been imprisoned for more than 20 years.

West and his family may not always see eye to eye on politics. But it looks like despite their disagreements, his wife and mother-in-law will support him through it all, whether or not they share his views.