This Video Of Kylie Jenner’s Adorable New Dog Is Guaranteed To Make Your Day

Ethan Miller/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Want to see something cute? Of course, you do. Fair warning, though: The following video may cause you to have an intense urge to bring home a new pet. Other side effects include: "ooh-ing" and "aww-ing," warm, fuzzy feelings, and the occasional pang of jealousy. Kylie Jenner adopted a new puppy named Wesley over the weekend, as People reported, and the bumbling, stumbling, itty-bitty fluff-ball is almost too much to handle.

Even though we're barely into February, it's already been a pretty major month for Jenner, her boyfriend Travis Scott, and their daughter, Stormi. On Feb. 9, Jenner and Scott threw Stormi an over-the-top first birthday party. The next day, the couple attended the Grammys, where Scott was nominated in three categories. At some point shortly before all of that, they also adopted a new puppy. A really, really cute new puppy named Wesley.

Jenner actually debuted the new addition to their family via her Instagram Story while hanging out at Stormi's amusement park-themed birthday. It's unclear whether or not she got the dog before the party, or if they had dogs up for adoption at the party itself. Regardless, he's a Jenner-Scott now.

In one of the first clips Jenner posted of the pup, her best friend, Jordyn Woods, cradles the tiny guy up against her chest and they cutely call him "Biscuit." "We adopted a puppy today," Jenner can be heard saying in the background. "We think he's a chihuahua-dachshund mix." Seems pretty spot-on, considering his size and coloring, right?

Both Woods and the 21-year-old mogul shared a few more clips with Wesley while at Stormi's party, each one as cute — if not cuter — than the last. Once Jenner got home, the videos kept on coming.

"You guys, I adopted Wesley," she reiterated while filming him stumbling around on the floor. The sweet little guy may or may not have peed immediately following her announcement, but Jenner didn't really seem all that concerned.

The next clip she posted is *too* precious. Seriously, you will squeal. While roaming around on Jenner's fluffy white rug, Wesley wanders under a pink-tinted glass coffee table. "Wesley," the star beckons, after which the dog gets up on his hind legs, gently knocks his noggin under the table top, and adorably tumbles backwards. Don't worry, though — he seems fine. He just didn't know the glass was there! Silly pup.

Jenner posted a few more videos of him pouncing around on the rug, skidding across the floor, and just being super cute in general. He's so small that his head basically fits in the palm of her hand, you guys.

While Wesley is obviously getting a ton of attention from Jenner right now, he'll have plenty of adopted siblings to keep him company when she, Scott, and Stormi aren't around. According to People, Jenner has at least nine other animals at the moment, including a bunny, a chicken, and seven dogs.

The videos of Wesley romping around are undoubtedly cute, but you know what would *really* make hearts burst at the seams? Clips of him snuggling with Stormi. That'll happen soon, right? Pretty please?