Kylie Jenner Just Carried The Tiniest Purse You've Ever Seen To Coachella

Kylie Jenner/Instagram

Just in case you didn't go on social media this weekend, you should know that Coachella happened. If you did pop on Instagram or Twitter, you probably already know that because celebrities were everywhere. That includes Kylie Jenner and her tiny purse. Let's be honest, Coachella is about the music, but for many, it's also about the style, and Jenner may have just worn one of the most confusing things at the festival (and that's saying a lot).

On April 13, Jenner posted a photo of she and boyfriend Travis Scott kissing on a private jet, and now, thanks to an updated photo on Instagram, fans know that they jetted off to Coachella. While her denim suit for their flight was definitely music festival-ready, Jenner's tiny purse on her final night at the festival may just steal the show.

In an Instagram photo captioned with a multitude of emojis — including a ferris wheel a la Coachella's famous one — Jenner showcased her final look, a nude illusion, rhinestone encrusted mini dress complete with matching, above the elbow rhinestone gloves that were attached to her dress with garters. Maybe the reality start and Kylie Cosmetics creator just didn't want anything to show up her dress because she basically paired it with the world's tiniest purse.

Of course, Jenner looked incredible in the mini dress and gloves, but the real question is what is actually in her tiny purse? Does it fit a cell phone? Can it even fit a Kylie Lip Kit? From the looks of it, nothing at all could fit in the bag except for maybe a blotting paper but hey, when you're at a music festival, they're kind of a necessity, right?

Kylie Jenner/Instagram

Clearly, Jenner was super into the purse, which she called a "mini bag," because she showed it off on her Instagram story. As you can see, the bag is barely as big as Jenner's hand.

The tiny purse, however, isn't Jenner's only small bag. While it's definitely probably her tiniest (seriously, what was in there, Kylie?), another one of her tiny bags caught attention on social media just two weeks ago.

While on vacation, Jenner grabbed another one of her small bags, but it wasn't for her. The beauty mogul's daughter Stormi took her very first Birkin bag on a stroll during the vacation, and while sure, the bag could probably pay off your student loan, it was such a cute moment.

The appearance on Jenner's Instagram isn't the first time fans saw the tiny Birkin, though. She showcased it during a tour of her purse closet and revealed the bag was actually a gift from her big sister Kourtney Kardashian. Even then, Jenner explained that it would like be her daughter's first bag.

Kylie Jenner/YouTube

Is Jenner taking inspiration from the Jacquemus Le Chiquito bags from Paris Fashion Week this year? Maybe, an after all, Jenner's sister Kim Kardashian's wore one last year. However, the bag is designed by Gelareh Mizrahi who posted Jenner's photo to Instagram. Will fans of Jenner keep seeing these tiny bags? Maybe. The real question, however, is what do you put in them?