Kylie Jenner & Travis Scott’s Love Story Has Been A Total Whirlwind

by Lia Beck
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Right before last year's Super Bowl, Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott announced that they had welcomed a baby girl. Now, a year later, they've settled into being a family of three, and Scott is getting ready to perform at this year's Super Bowl halftime show. A lot can change in a short amount of time, and Scott and Jenner's relationship timeline — which isn't as long as you might think — is proof of that.

Jenner and Scott (whose real name is Jacques Webster) started dating in the spring of 2017, and by February 2018, they had a child together. The couple got serious fast, but clearly it's been working for them so far, and now, they're coming up on their two-year anniversary.

They've both stayed pretty quiet about the specifics of their relationship, which is surprising on Jenner's part since she's grown up sharing her life on a reality show and on social media. But, they have shared some facts about their relationship and experienced some classic celebrity milestones like their first red carpet appearance and a magazine cover together. Who knows if they'll have any other big announcements anytime soon, but for now, here's the major moments Jenner and Scott have gone through.

April 2017 — They Start Dating

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Scott and Jenner started dating after hanging out at Coachella in April 2017. Jenner told the story to GQ during their joint cover shoot for the August 2018 issue. "Coachella was one of the stops on his tour," Jenner told the magazine. "So he said, 'I'm going back on tour — what do we want to do about this?' Because we obviously liked each other." And with that, Jenner decided to hop on the tour bus.

"We had a lot of downtime," the 21-year-old explained of going on tour. "It was organic. And we would just go to these random cities. We got to not be who we really were. Like, if we were in L.A., I feel like it would've been way different. Everything happened for a reason. We weren't going out as 'Kylie and Trav.' We would just be in Cleveland, walking the street for hours. We would go on walks, and no one would bother us."

April 2017 — First Big Appearance Together

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Even though they were on tour together, they were able to keep things low-key, and they didn't make that many big public appearances. One early one came, though, when they attended a Houston Rockets game on April 25, 2017.

June 2017 — Matching Tattoos

Jenner and Scott both shared photos of butterfly ankle tattoos on social media in June 2017. (Butterflies have been a theme in their relationship.) Perhaps this — either getting the tattoos or sharing photos of them, depending on when they got the ink — was in celebration of Jenner's pregnancy. Now we know that she would have already been pregnant at this point. Around that same time Scott also tweeted, "Legit happiest day of my life."

September 2017 — Pregnancy Reports Roll In

On September 22, 2017, multiple sources reported that Jenner and Scott were expecting a child. Of course, this ended up being true, but neither of them confirmed the news until after their baby was born.

February 2018 — Stormi's Here

On February 4, 2018, Jenner posted an announcement on social media confirming that she and Scott had welcomed a baby girl three days earlier on February 1. She also shared an 11-minute video titled "To Our Daughter" on YouTube that documented her pregnancy experience. A couple days later, Jenner shared that they named their daughter Stormi Webster.

May 2018 — Their Red Carpet Debut

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At the Met Gala on May 7, 2018, Jenner and Scott made their first red carpet appearance together. It was a little over a year after they started dating.

July 2018 — Their GQ Cover


In July 2018, the August issue of GQ was released, which featured Jenner and Scott on the cover and in an interview. The magazine also posted a video with them online where Jenner asked Scott questions about her. (He couldn't name all of her dogs!)

Fall/Winter 2018 — On Tour Again

Bringing things full circle in their relationship, in the fall of 2018, Jenner joined Scott on his Astroworld Tour and Stormi came along, too. Jenner posted a couple behind-the-scenes videos from the tour on her YouTube channel, including one showing what Stormi gets up to backstage.

Who knows what the next year holds for them — marriage? another baby? more shocking YouTube videos? — but whatever it is, their fans will be following along and, as always, keeping a close eye on their social media.