Kylie Jenner's Video Of Stormi Learning To Walk Will Instantly Melt Your Heart

Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Amid the launch of Kylie Cosmetics' Valentine's Day collection, Kylie Jenner took an "intermission" to share a heartwarming video of her daughter on Instagram. Jenner's video of Stormi learning to walk is too cute for words, and it's hard to believe the baby is growing up so fast.

"Sorry guys, we had a little intermission," Jenner said on her Instagram Story. "My baby woke up, so I was getting her ready for the day." Despite her celebrity status, Jenner is still a working mom, and the video of Stormi is a sweet interlude to the posts about the new Kylie Cosmetics products. (Although, the Valentine's Day collection does look pretty fun, too.)

In the video on Jenner's Instagram Story, Stormi totters around the house while holding onto one of her mom's hands. She's still working on getting her balance, but it looks like it won't be long before the baby is strutting around on two feet. And while it might seem a little shocking to fans that Stormi is already walking, she is almost a year old, so it's about that time.

Stormi's first birthday is coming up on Feb. 1, marking a year since Jenner and Travis Scott became co-parents to their sweet girl. As the new video shows, time really does fly when it comes to little ones.

Still, it looks like even Jenner is having trouble accepting the fact that her baby is growing up. Last week, she shared a photo of Stormi at the beach, along with a bittersweet caption about how the time's been passing. "Wish i could stop time every once in a while," Jenner wrote on the Instagram post.

And if fans needed any more evidence that the next generation of Kardashian-Jenners is already growing up, Khloé Kardashian's recent videos of the family's baby class should do the trick. The video shows Stormi, True, Chicago, and Dream listening to a series of nursery rhymes, including one in Spanish. Stormi and her cousins might be talking before you know it — and maybe even in more than one language.

As for how Jenner and Scott will be celebrating Stormi's first birthday, it looks like the lip kit mogul already has plenty of ideas up her sleeve. Earlier this month, Jenner was already wrapping gifts for Stormi's birthday, even though it was still weeks away. And she's been talking about Stormi's upcoming birthday on Instagram since at least December.

Almost a year ago, Jenner announced Stormi's birth on Super Bowl Sunday. Things have come full-circle, too: Scott is performing at this year's Super Bowl halftime show on Feb. 3, making it an even more special weekend for the family.

Stormi may not be walking completely on her own just yet, but she's definitely growing up before fans' (and her parents') eyes. And based on her mom's video of her learning to walk, she'll be on her feet soon enough. Until then, Jenner and Scott have her upcoming first birthday to celebrate.