Stormi Isn't As Into Kylie's "Rise & Shine" Remix As The Rest Of The Internet

Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If you've spent even a few minutes on Twitter this week, there's a 99.9% chance you encountered Kylie Jenner's "rise and shine" meme in one form or another. Even though Ariana Grande thinks it's a bop, one person incredibly close to the makeup mogul-slash-"singer" may be her biggest critic yet — her daughter Stormi.

Ever since Jenner sang "rise and shine" to baby Stormi in her Kylie Cosmetics office tour video, published on Oct. 10, the 3-second clip unexpectedly took on a life of its own, resulting in countless memes and remixes. And Jenner has gotten very into it — sharing several memes on her own social media accounts and even adding the phrase to her Instagram bio. She also started selling "rise and shine" hoodies on for $65.

Then on Thursday, things took a turn: Jenner filmed Stormi listening to one of the many meme remixes, and despite dancing around at first, the 1-year-old soon tired of the track and asked her mom to put on one of her dad Travis Scott's songs instead. (To be fair, Stormi has long-been Scott's number one fan, regularly wearing Astroworld merch and watching his performances.)

While Stormi may prefer music from her dad, Jenner's other family members are all about the now-iconic phrase. Kendall Jenner tweeted she wants to make "rise and shine" her ringtone, and Kim Kardashian shared an edited version of the clip, where she makes a cameo in Stormi's crib.

Miley Cyrus and new boyfriend Cody Simpson are also big fans of the meme. Simpson, who reportedly dated the KUWTK star in 2011, recreated the video with his dog, while Cyrus opted to share a Voice inspired meme.

Cyrus wasn't the only pop star who loved Jenner's "rise and shine." Grande lip-synced to the short "song" on Instagram Story and asked if she could sample it on her own future track. Soon after, Jenner responded with her approval — as long as she can be in the inevitable music video. Maybe by the time Grande records that song, it'll grow on Stormi and she can make a cameo too.