Kylie Jenner Posted Such A Precious Video Of Stormi Trying To Say Her Own Name

by Parry Ernsberger
Kyle Jenner wearing a purple feathery Versace outfit on the 2019 Met Gala Red Carpet
Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

*Sniffles* Can you believe how big she's getting? *Wipes tear* They grow up so fast, don't they? On June 7, Kylie Jenner posted a video of Stormi trying to say her own name during a photo shoot, and the whole thing is almost too cute for words. Seriously — it's going to make you want to like, reach through your screen and pinch her precious little cheeks.

In the clip Jenner shared, Stormi — who celebrated her first birthday in February — is all dressed up in a pale pink onesie with pearly beaded stars and frilly tulle shoulders. She's seated in front of a similarly colored background and perched on top of a white, furry pouf stool. There's a small vase of roses placed on the floor nearby, and the whole aesthetic of the shoot is just so perfectly sweet.

Jenner can be heard giving her daughter directions out of frame, and asks her if she can say "Stormi" while flashbulbs go off around her. Guys, the way that she coos "Stormi" is just *squeals* so stinkin' cute. What's even cuter, though, is how pleased she looks with herself after she says it. She starts grinning from ear to ear, like, "Yeah, I did that. I said my name."

Jenner then asks her if she can say True — the name of her cousin, Khloé Kardashian's daughter — and, sure enough, she says it. She asks her if she can say a third, indistinguishable name as well, but it seems like Stormi's kind of over it at that point. "A for effort baby," Jenner captioned the clip, followed by a few emojis that are probably intended to convey something like, "This child is painfully precious. She's so sweet it hurts."

Several of Jenner's friends and family members echoed that sentiment in the comments of her post. "She's the cutest," Khloé wrote. "Nononononoooo how is she so good at this!!" Chrissy Teigen exclaimed. "I can’t," added Sofia Richie, as in "I can't even handle the cuteness right now." The feeling is mutual.

Jenner didn't clarify the purpose of Stormi's photoshoot, but it's safe to assume that she got plenty of great shots. It's actually kind of impressive how well-behaved she appeared in the clip. She seems like a well-behaved little lady in general, but sitting still like that while getting your picture taken would probably make most kids pretty agitated. On the other hand, she's no stranger to flashbulbs, so maybe Jenner's got her a tiny model in the making.

There's a good chance Stormi could end up being a mogul like her momma though, too. Jenner recently opened up about how she balances work and motherhood in a video on her YouTube page, and revealed that Stormi often accompanies her to the office (and even has her very own bedroom there.) "Stormi is in all my meetings," Jenner told fans.

Stormi is lucky enough to have some really great genes, so she'll undoubtedly be good at whatever she chooses to do. For now, though, all she needs to do is keep looking cute — which clearly won't be a problem.