Fans Think There's A Secret Link Between Lady Gaga's Red Carpet Ring & Taylor Swift

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images; Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for iHeartRadio / Turner

Over the years, Lady Gaga has made somewhat of a habit of sneaking onto red carpets at the very last minute, stunning everyone with her amazing style for what feels like .25 seconds, and then slipping away behind the award show doors. Since she's one celeb who seems to prefer arriving fashionably late, it came as quite a shock when Gaga showed up early to the Grammy red carpet.

That was the first stunning turn of events, during Sunday night's 60th Grammy Awards. The second was Gaga's incredible Armani Prive jumpsuit. It featured the biggest skirt ever, which puddled out around her like a giant ink stain on the red carpet. The bodice was made of gorgeous black lace. And her hair was pretty much instantly compared to Game of Thrones, because it was long and blonde and braided.

But once everyone overcame all of that, the world's collective eyes settled on one of Gaga's accessories in particular: a little thing twisting up her finger that looked just like Taylor Swift's infamous snake ring.

The snake ring become super well-known last summer when Swift turned insult into profit, and launched the snake ring on her store — for a cool $60. It was in response to the criticism the singer had received from fellow celebrities, who called her a "snake." Since then, Swift has adopted the snake symbol as her very own, and turned it into a positive. (The singer is super magic like that.)

According to an article on Hello Giggles, "... snakes have become basically synonymous with Taylor Swift. Kim Kardashian-West used the snake emoji when she exposed Taylor’s conversation with Kanye West on Snapchat. After that, Swift went with it and made the snake her own, using it in a lot of imagery for her new album, Reputation, and music videos for her new songs."

The fact Gaga was wearing the ring sparked questions as to whether the two singers would be working together in the near future. Was the snake ring a tiny nod to Swift, and a hint towards the future? Or does Gaga just like snake rings? It was kind of tough to tell.

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But the snake-y ring wasn't the end of the mysteries in terms of Gaga's chosen jewels for the evening. It was also tough to ignore an impressive jewel on her ring finger, which prompted many people to wonder if Gaga is engaged. Rumors have been swirling around for a while now as to whether or not the singer and her partner, talent agent Christian Carino, have made anything official. And the ring just made things all the more confusing.

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It's only been as recent as October since the singer started making moves towards opening up about her private life by posting a seriously cute Instagram pic with Carino. But still, neither of them have confirmed or denied anything. Unless, of course, you count performing at one of the biggest award shows with what looks like an engagement ring on your finger.

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Still, it'll be up to Gaga to decide when she wants to share the big news — if she even has anything to share. And the same will be true for spilling the details about any collabs she might be planning with Swift. Is she engaged? Is she going to do a duet with the Reputation singer?

Whatever's going to happen will happen in due time. But until that day comes, there was no denying that Gaga looked great at the Grammys. It remains to be seen what either ring may mean, but I think we can all agree both were the perfect compliment to her overall look.