Here's How Lana Condor Hopes Lara Jean Changes In The 'To All The Boys' Sequel


Get ready for more adorable teen rom-com content, because the sequel for To All The Boys I've Loved Before is coming, and that means, among other things, more amazing outfits from Lara Jean Covey. And though the details for the next chapter are sparse so far, the Netflix movie's breakout star Lana Condor revealed her hopes for the TATBILB sequel, namely that she hopes Lara Jean will be a bit more confidence. She also wouldn't say no to a little more romance — and not necessarily with Peter Kavinsky.

Talking to Entertainment Tonight, Condor said that she wants Lara Jean to find her voice in the sequel. "I think she grazed the surface on finding her own personal confidence towards the end of the first movie and I would love nothing more than for her to be a little bit more stand-up," the 21 year old said. "I hope that in the second movie, and I’m going to strive for this, I hope Lara Jean doesn’t really take it or accept it when she’s treated badly. I want her to be like, ‘No, it’s not OK. You can’t talk to me like that.'" A good lesson for any high school girl or girl of any age, TBH.

Condor and her co-star Noah Centineo, who plays her boyfriend Peter Kavinsky in the movie and the internet's boyfriend IRL, announced the TATB sequel was happening on Instagram in an appropriately adorable video on December 19. Condor posted the video in which she's making a Christmas list when she gets a FaceTime from Centineo where they decide they're gonna need a new contract, and then reveal that they're making the sequel for the film. It will be based on the next book in Jenny Han's young adult series titled P.S. I Love You.

Besides wanting Lara Jean to stand up for herself as she goes into her senior year of high school, Condor also naturally wants her character to have more romance and more drama. A main character in the sequel will be John Ambrose McClaren, Lara Jean's young Model UN crush who showed up at he door at the end of the movie. He plays a major role in the sequel, and Condor promised fans that there will be a love triangle between Laura Jean, Peter and John Ambrose. "There’s nothing more fun than a love triangle," she excitedly told ET. "The drama? I live for the drama!" Don't we all?


Of course, besides personal growth and self-confidence, Condor wants more dreamy romantic scenes. She talks about one particular scene in the book P.S. I Love You when Lara Jean and John Ambrose kiss in the snow. Kind of a total opposite of the hot tub scene with Peter in the first movie. "Cinematically, can you imagine how pretty that would be? It would be gorgeous and I want the gorgeous!"

If you want to find out what might happen in the To All The Boys sequel, read P.S. I Love You, or just rewatch To All The Boys I've Loved Before and dream of someone who will buy you Korean yogurt from a specialty store and wait for the next chapter in Lara Jean's love story.