Lana Condor Dropped A Big Hint About Lara Jean's Love Life In The ‘To All The Boys’ Sequel

You may want to brace yourself, Lara Jean and Peter shippers, because Lana Condor's To All The Boys I've Loved Before sequel comments hint at some pretty big changes for Lara Jean Covey's love life. On a new episode of Sirius XM's Entertainment Weekly Radio, airing on Thursday, Feb. 14, Condor said that while she has not seen a script for the adaptation of Jenny Han's P.S. I Love You, she does know that Lara Jean ends up with a brand new love interest, perhaps alluding to the one and only John Ambrose. Sigh, just as Lara Jean Covey and Peter Kavinsky were starting to settle into their non-triangle relationship, too.

Condor told Sirius XM’s Entertainment Weekly Radio hosts Jessica Shaw and Dalton Ross that there will “be a new love interest" for Lara Jean, which she thinks "is the biggest change." The actor also said that though she has not seen the script, she thinks they're "going to go in doing the same thing [as the first movie] where we just want to stay close to the book and please the readers." Hey, staying close to the book worked pretty darn well for the first movie, so there probably is not any point in reinventing the scrunchie, you know?

Just how new of a love interest are we talking about? Like, is it someone Lara Jean meets for the very first time in the second movie? Or might it be, for example, someone she knew from Model U.N.? Someone that she then reconnected with many years (and one love letter) later? Might it be, oh I don't know, the very character Condor referenced at the end of the movie sequel announcement video?

Yes, Condor is probably alluding to the John Ambrose McClaren storyline, which, if you are familiar with the book series, should not come as a twist. Heck, if you watched the first movie's post-credits scene, it should not come as a twist. The dude who pops up at Lara Jean’s house with a love letter in his hand at the end of To All The Boys I've Loved Before plays a pretty big role in the second book, and he could very well be the “new love interest” Condor teased. In the book P.S. I Still Love You, Peter and Lara Jean find themselves in another love triangle, but this time around, it’s with John.

This is not the first time Condor has mentioned the P.S. I Love You love triangle. Back in January, Condor told Entertainment Tonight that she's "super excited" for her TATBILB character to be in another love triangle. That same month, she told Elle that there will be a “major new love interest” who is “a major new character that’s going to challenge Peter quite a bit and fight over [Lara Jean], which is not a bad thing.” She also revealed that she does not know who he will be. Condor explained, “I do know that we're working really hard to find someone that's perfect and just as charismatic as Peter, which is hard to do.”

Cue a chorus of whoa, whoa, whoas