Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas All '90s Kids Need In Their Lives

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Maybe I'm biased because I grew up in the '90s, but I'm pretty sure they were the best decade ever. If you want to relive your '90s glory days, these last minute '90s kid Halloween costume ideas will have you longing for the days of Sassy magazine, caboodles to hold your collection of Lip Smackers, Ring Pops, scrunchies, and your pet Furby.

The '90s brought us gems Jared Leto and Claire Danes in the form of Jordan Catalano and Angela Chase on My So Called Life, epic music, and it was truly the only decade with one foot in the past and one in the future as the internet made its debut and changed our lives forever. And, let's not forget about the premiere of Sex and the City when Carrie and the girls spread unapologetic sass, and great fashion, to independent women everywhere. Excuse me as I wipe a tear away while waxing nostalgic about bygone days.

If you want to channel your inner '90s persona, it's pretty easy to put together an epic last minute Halloween costume with items you probably already have lying around your pad, or by taking a quick trip the thrift store. Because, the '90s is when thrifting officially became a verb. Check out these '90s last minute Halloween costume ideas that will have you quoting Full House until you drive your friends totally cray. Come on, "Cut, it, out," "Have mercy," and, let's not forget, "You got it, dude!"

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1. Carrie Bradshaw From Sex and the City

The opening credits to Sex and the City where Sarah Jessica Parker struts around New York City in a tutu is one of the best openers to any show ever. If you want to channel your inner Carrie Bradshaw this Halloween, it's super easy to put this costume together on the fly for under $30.

You'll Need: Layered Tulle Tutu Skirt, $10, Amazon and Seamless Spandex Regular Wide Strap Pink Tank, $17, Amazon

2. Angela Chase From My So Called Life

Is there any '90s teen who's better at channeling angst than Angela Chase from My So Called Life? In 2017, it's pretty safe to say that you're likely feeling a little disillusioned, so it's totally relevant to dress up as Angela Chase. If you hold onto all of your old clothes, then you've already got everything you need to transform into Angela in your closet. If you don't, I've curated the perfect teen-angst costume for you.

You'll Need: Jellyfish Medium Full Wig Bob, $26, Yes Style; Soft Flannel Boyfriend Shirt, $34, Garage; Opaque Tights, $15, Macy's; Mol Mesh Sleeve Double Layer T-Shirt Dress, $11, Boohoo; Black Floral Lined Combat Boots, $32, Hot Topic

3. '90s Treasure Troll Doll

Go back to the '90s this Halloween by becoming your favorite troll doll with these bright troll doll wigs

You'll Need: Troll Wig, $17, Buy Costumes and Hanes Scoop-Neck Tank Top, $6, Amazon

4. Corey Mason From Empire Records

For any '90s kid, Empire Records was the ultimate damn-the-man rebellion movie. And, Liv Tyler's Corey Mason was the epitome of '90s fashion. You can easily transform into Corey with items from your closet, a quick trip to the thrift store, or the items below.

You'll Need: Blue Crop Rib Jumper, $14, Miss Selfridge; Tartan Pleated School Skirt, $15, Amazon; Black Floral Lined Combat Boots, $32, Hot Topic; Jellyfish Long Full Wig, $26, Yes Style

5. Kriss Kross

Remember '90s duo Kriss Kross famous for the song "Jump Jump," and wearing their clothes backward? If you have literally waited until the last minute, you can easily become a member of Kriss Kross by wearing your jeans backward, and spending your night jumping up and down and saying, "uh huh, uh huh."

You'll Need: Your own clothes. Now simply put them on backward.

6. Anyone From Saved By The Bell

For some reason the entire cast of Saved By The Bell seemed to have cell phones in the '90s, which is totally unrealistic because these giant clunkers were super expensive. If you want to go as anyone from Saved By The Bell, just grab some early '90s relics like a scrunchie and a giant phone.

You'll Need: Giant Inflatable Cell Phone, $9, Amazon, and, if you're going as one of the girls, you'll need a scrunchie. Unfortunately, these are making a comeback, so you can get one anywhere.

7. Wednesday Addams From The Addams Family

Christina Ricci's Wednesday Addams from the '90s version of the Addams Family is a perfect way to summon your '90s angst, and it's easy to put together on the fly.

You'll Need: A long sleeved black dress, and black nail polish. Then, simply braid your hair. If you're not natural brunette, or you have short hair, you can grab a Addams Family Wednesday wig from Amazon for $12.52.

8. Got Milk Commercial

Remember those "Got Milk?" commercials from the '90s where celebs donned a milk mustache? If you're a last-minute Lucy, this costume is easy to throw together.

You'll Need: A piece of white paper and a marker to write "Got Milk?" And, some makeup to make yourself a milk mustache.