Lauren Bushnell Isn't Jumping To Judgments About 'BiP'

John Lamparski/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Yet another member of Bachelor Nation is weighing in on the situation that fans and cast members alike can't stop talking about. In a new interview with People, Lauren Bushnell commented on the Bachelor in Paradise allegations in a totally respectable way. In fact, her words can offer a lesson of sorts, in avoiding jumping to conclusions or passing judgment.

As a recap, production shut down for BiP Season 4 after allegations surfaced that a sexual encounter between two contestants may not have been consensual. The contestants involved were later identified as DeMario Jackson and Corinne Olympios. Earlier this week, Warner Bros. concluded their investigation after finding no evidence of misconduct and announced filming would resume. However, Olympios' lawyer told Bustle their own investigation will continue. (Jackson maintains that all activity was consensual, while Olympios stands by her story that she was too drunk to consent.)

When asked about the incident, Bachelor alum Bushnell told People,

“It’s unfortunate. I don’t know if any of us know what happened. I’ve been trying to stay up on it, but I don’t know what’s the real story, so I’ve been trying not to make any judgments on either side. I’m just taking the information as it comes.”

She also added, "It's not a situation you would wish upon a TV show, or a person." Overall, Bushnell's response is something plenty of fans can learn from. It's always better to sit and wait for the facts, instead of leaping to any major assumptions. The latter really doesn't help anybody.

John Lamparski/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

That sentiment was proven, as seemingly never-ending rumors swirled over the past two weeks. Jackson was judged (to the point where he reportedly lost his job), meanwhile Olympios was subject to virtual slut-shaming. Both situations were disappointing to read about.

On a more positive note, Bushnell told People she still plans to watch Bachelor in Paradise this summer. "I have friends on the show, so I want to tune in just to support them," she said. However, don't expect her to appear on a future season. While Bushnell recently split from former Bachelor, Ben Higgins, she's currently focused on moving forward, beyond television. She added, "I’m just trying to move forward from that chapter, if you will, and a huge part of that chapter was TV."

Between that statement and her words about BiP, she really seems to be avoiding any drama. And hey, that feels like a refreshing change of pace for the franchise.