Legs Up Is The Best Sex Position To Try In April 2018

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Now that we've officially left the cold winter months behind and moved into the fun, springy month of April, it's the perfect opportunity for us all to hit the refresh button on our sex lives. Don't be overwhelmed, though: helping your sex life to ~blossom~ is as simple as trying out some hot new sex positions instead of falling back on your go-to, favorite positions. But why is April the perfect month to experiment in bed?

"Spring is a time for refreshment and cleansing, a time when the sun comes out and you remember just how sweet life can be," Brit Burr, Sex Expert and Editor-at-Large of Psych N Sex, tells Bustle. "So, during this wonderful time of out with the old, in with the new, why not give your sex position repertoire a little spring cleaning, as well? Instead of introducing brand-new, extra freaky positions into your existing sex life, [seek] some fun and new variations of the positions you already know and love."

If you're looking to spring clean your sex life, it doesn't have to feel like a complete overhaul: you can freshen things up simply by putting a creative twist on classic sex positions. The perfect example? The "legs up" position is a hot spin on missionary — and it's the one position you should absolutely try this month.

What Is The Legs Up Position?

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To get into the legs up position (pictured above), start in missionary, with the partner who's being penetrated lying on their back. Then, the person who is penetrating should kneel between their partner's legs, helping to lift one leg onto their shoulder. From there, all you have to do is thrust away — and enjoy the sexy new angle of super deep penetration.

When your leg inevitably starts to get tired or cramped on your partner's shoulder (hey, flexibility isn't everyone's strong suit), lower your leg and bend it at the knee to try yet another sexy, creative sex position — one that Burr calls the "star" position.

"The star is a simple position but it's just different enough to reach some new angles and play around with an orientation you're likely already comfortable with," Burr says. "In this position, the individual being penetrated [lies] on their back with one leg outstretched and one leg bent at the knee. The [one penetrating] straddles the outstretched leg, placing one knee beneath their partner's bent leg. Each partner has one leg on top and one on the bottom. The person on top leans back and supports themselves with their arms behind them."

It might not seem like a huge change from traditional missionary, but the unique angle provided by the star position will certainly make sex feel like a whole new experience. Even better news? If you love this position, there's one other twist on it that Burr suggests trying: "Try it with both partners sitting up (rather than one lying down) but maintaining the over/under leg formation," she says. "This adds an extra closeness and different angle of penetration."

How You Can Make This Position Even Hotter

Once you're nice and comfortable in the star position (or even during legs up, depending on how flexible you are), there are plenty of ways to add an extra oomph to your romp — because if your goal is freshening up your sex life, why not try something a little risque?

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"This is a great position to use if you're interested in exploring light bondage," Burr says. "The star works well if both hands and one leg of the person on the bottom are tied or cuffed (most likely to the bedposts or bed frame). This leaves one leg free to be bent and moved to variation. If you want to further the BDSM play you can throw in a blindfold."

Even if bondage isn't your cup of tea, both the legs up and star positions are worth adding to your sexual to-do list this month, particularly if you feel like you've been stuck in a rut in the bedroom. So now that spring has sprung, shake off those winter blues and channel your newfound sense of energy into trying some of the best sex positions for spring — and watch your sex life bloom before your eyes.