9 Sex Positions For REALLY Experimental Couples

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When it comes to sex, the sexual spectrum is very long and very interesting. There are those couples who like to keep things simple, basic, and without any fear of throwing out their back during some advanced sexual move, then there are those who prefer to keep things new and refreshing at all times. These are the couples who aren't looking to spice up their long-term relationship, but couples who live and breathe experimental sex, and are damn lucky they found each other — because some of the places these couples go, others wouldn't dare to tread. It's safe to call these types of couples sexual soulmates.

"Your sexual soulmate is more concerned about your orgasm than theirs," Behavioral Scientist and Relationship Coach, Clarissa Silva, tells Bustle "Your partner wants to absorb and learn all things that pleases you every time you have sex. As the relationship evolves, you both become more in tune with each other, making it is easier to be more intuitive about each other’s needs. The beauty is that you won’t have to negotiate what you might need, your partner will just act on it."

If you're lucky enough to find someone who's just as experimental as you, in regards to sex, then first of all: Congratulations! Secondly, here are nine sex positions that maybe you haven't tried yet and you just might want to give a whirl this weekend.


The Double Cowgirl

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How to do it: First of all, find a buddy! Next, have your partner lay on their back, while one of you straddles them in the missionary position, and the other straddles and sits on their face so they can be orally stimulated.

Why it's great for really experimental couples: Well, and I don't think I'm totally going out on a limb here, but I imagine a decent amount of experimental couples are completely open to trying a threesome. At least once in their life — or maybe even once a week, every week of the year.



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How to do it: Grab a pair of handcuffs, as an experimental couple, I imagine you already have them in your goodie drawer, and make good use of them. Although this image is of a woman having her hands handcuffed behind her back, anyone could be handcuffed to, well, anything. Depends on how creative you want to be.

Why it's great for really experimental couples: Experimental couples like to push boundaries and one way of doing that is taking control away from one partner, consensually, of course, and handcuffs are a great — and sexy AF — way to do that.


Anal With A Vibrator

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How to do it: While having anal sex in the doggy style position, add a vibrator to either penetrate your vagina or stimulate your clitoris — or both at the same time, if you have a multi-functional vibrator/dildo.

Why it's great for really experimental couples: Something tells me that anal sex isn't exactly new territory for experimental couples. But, perhaps, adding a sex toy to it might be, so why not give it a try? (Full disclosure: I have tried this one on a couple of occasions with my current partner and I give it five stars.)


Standing Rear Entry In Public

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How to do it: While both standing and facing the same direction, bend over as far as you comfortably can, and have your partner penetrate you from behind — while in public (just make sure you're aware of your state's laws).

Why it's great for really experimental couples: Although the position itself isn't exactly groundbreaking as far as sex positions go, the fact that you're doing it in public is what's the real thrill here. And, if you're an experimental couple, you want to do this one public, if only to prove you did and got away with it. A 2015 study found that both women and men love the idea of public sex, with men being even extra thrilled by getting caught doing it.


The High Five

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How to do it: Once again, grab a buddy! Next, get into the traditional doggy style position. From here, she's penetrated by one man (or a woman with a strap-on; however you want to pull this off), while giving another person oral at the same time. Why is it called "the high five?" Because two partners can high five during this. It's also called the Eiffel Tower for similar reasons.

Why it's great for really experimental couples: Again, many experimental couple live by the mantra "the more the merrier," so why not give it a try? (Full disclosure part two: I tried this once during a threesome in Paris... meaning, had they high-fived, it would have officially been the Eiffel Tower.)


Missionary With Cock Ring

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How to do it: Before getting into missionary position with your partner, have them put a vibrator cock ring on their penis, then penetrate you. The vibrating part should be on the top so it stimulates the clitoris during sex.

Why it's great for really experimental couples: While I wouldn't say this is a super experimental position, especially for seasoned experimental couples, I do think that cock rings, those that vibrate and those that don't, really aren't used enough. As someone who had her first and only vaginal orgasm thanks to a vibrating cock ring, I strongly suggest, recommend, and all but demand every couple, experimental or not, introduce a vibrating cock ring to their sex life.


Doggy Blow Job

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How to do it: With your partner on their knees and you facing them in doggy style, give them a blow job.

Why it's great for really experimental couples: Although from the looks of it, this position may not appear very experimental, if you're into domination, then it takes this positions in a whole new direction.

As sex therapist, Vanessa Marin, wrote for Bustle in regards to this position: "You’re on your hands and knees, which always feels subservient… He can make you worship his penis before even touching your body. Have him hold onto the back of your head. He can hold you in place, or pull you against his penis (just make sure to have some sort of safe symbol you can use to show him if it’s too intense)." Basically, it's not for the faint of heart.


Weak In The Knees

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How to do it: With one partner on their back and the other straddling their face, let the oral stimulation begin. Then switch positions so you each get your fair share.

Why it's great for really experimental couples: Although many couples engage in oral sex and there are even those who indulge in some good ol' fashioned 69 action, face-sitting takes things to a new level.


69 + 1

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How to do it: While the two women in the equation are having 69, the third penetrates the vagina of the woman on top in the doggy style position.

Why it's great for really experimental couples: As mentioned in the last two threesome positions, experimental couples are all about sharing the love. Nothing says experimental like combining 69 and doggy style.

Feeling experimental yet? I hope so, because a lot of these positions are just calling your name.