Lena Dunham's New Project Is Surprising

Emma McIntyre/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

After six seasons of struggling to figure out how to grow up, Hannah Horvath's journey is ending on Sunday night, leaving her creator and portrayer, Lena Dunham, with some time on her hands. Or so you would think. It turns out Dunham already has her first post-Girls gig lined up, and while it might be a surprising one to some of her fans, her next project is taking the star back to her roots. According to Just Jared, Dunham is working on a short film with Vikings star Travis Fimmel.

The duo was spotted filming together in Brooklyn, where their two characters crossed paths on the street, taking notice of each other in the process. Sadly, there's not much information available about the short film at this time, but it's wonderful to see Dunham isn't slowing down. If you visit her IMDb page, it's clear Dunham had a passion for short films in her early career, so returning to the genre is the perfect first move for the actor to make.

Love it or hate it, Girls is a landmark show, and it marked the arrival of Dunham as one of this generation's most powerful voices. Dunham isn't just an actor, she's also a writer, feminist, and political activist. Over the course of playing Hannah for six seasons, she grew both as an actor and a person, and her career should only continue to flourish after Girls ends. A new short film is an interesting place for her to start her next chapter.

While she didn't mention anything about her latest character, Dunham's recent Instagram post appears to be from the set of her short film with Fimmel. The actor couldn't resist cracking a joke about her character's unique look.

Short films aren't always made available to the general public. They often end up making the rounds at film festivals instead, so Girls fans may not get a chance to see Dunham's next role in full. However, the actor did recently tell Nylon she was working on producing a series of short films for HBO Go based on stories from her book imprint Lenny Letter, which she co-created with her Girls partner Jenni Konner. Fingers crossed, her project with Fimmel is one of them.

It's exciting to know Dunham is committed to continuing to flex her creative muscles after six years of writing, directing, producing, and starring in Girls. While she had an amazing team helping her bring her series to life each week, Dunham devoted her 20s to making Girls the best possible show it could be — if anyone deserves a break, it's definitely her.

However, she doesn't appear to be slowing down. Instead, she's diversifying the types of content she produces. In addition to her Lenny Letter duties, Nylon also reports Dunham is working a short story collection about male-female friendships called Best and Always, and she has plans to head to London to research a future film and stage project.

Hannah's story may be coming to an end, but it's clear Dunham's is just getting started.