Lisa & Stassi Talk Things Out On 'Vanderpump Rules' & No, Nobody Storms Away This Time

Tyler Kaufman/Bravo

Like two well-coiffed planets orbiting the same SUR-shaped star, Lisa Vanderpump and Stassi have gone all season without colliding. Sure, they’ve had their tense run-ins (e.g., the James Kennedy-emceed Vanderpump Dog Foundation event, the lunch date with the Wirkus SURcus), but they haven’t had a real one-on-one chat. Well, on Monday’s episode of Vanderpump Rules, that all changed.

Truth be told, there hasn’t really been a reason for Stassi and Lisa to talk this season; it would’ve felt weird and forced, like goat cheese balls floating in a pitcher of SUR sangria. But at the Bubbas’ rehearsal dinner, it was only a matter of time before Stassi and Lisa got enough liquor in their systems to hash some stuff out. Just one day before Lisa led Tom Schwartz and Katie through their wedding vows, she pulled her ex-employee aside for a heart-to-heart. I worried the conversation would get heated.

It did not get heated. Instead, they sort of put their issues to bed? Once and for all? For real this time? Lisa said she wished Stassi didn't run away when the going got tough all those seasons ago? And Stassi admitted she made mistakes? And Lisa praised Stassi? And some tears of reconciliation were shed? And they were kind to each other? We've come a long way from the tire fire that was The Big Talk of Season 4?


Lisa and Stassi’s relationship may never go back to what it was before the New York move, the trash talk, or the sex tape. I understand that. However, when Lisa applauded Stassi for owning up to and growing from her mistakes, it seemed like a step in the right direction. Like one giant step for SUR-kind.