Lisa Vanderpump's Party Took A Turn For The Worse On 'RHOBH'

Isabella Vosmikova/Bravo

When your unbelievably wealthy friend hosts a Diamonds and Rosé party, you need to put some gold leaf in your hair and bring your fight face because things get really real, really quickly. Legitimately, everyone brawled in rapid-fire succession during Lisa Vanderpump's party on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and things got messy. It wasn't all bad, I suppose, because Erika and Dorit actually came to a place of being ready to forget about "Pantygate." It didn't start that way, though.

After Rinna, Dorit and Eden got into it about the whole Xanax thing, it suddenly turned back to Erika and Dorit's feud once again. What really made things worse was PK stepping in and being completely patronizing and rude. He made it a point to call Erika "honey" until she asked him to stop and then informed her that he didn't think she was "deliberately cold," he actually thought she was "inherently cold". You stay classy, PK. He then turned his sights on Eileen when she tried to stand up for Erika and started talking down to her as well. Luckily, once he was shooed away, Erika and Dorit simply apologized to each other and moved on, because they are grown-ass women.

Isabella Vosmikova/Bravo

Just as everyone cooled down from that situation, Eden out of nowhere confronted Rinna about how she felt like Rinna wasn't "present" for their friendship. Eden felt like she had been there for Rinna a lot and Rinna supposedly just wasn't reciprocating. Rinna replied that her guard went up the second Eden went to Vanderpump about her and Eden literally lost it. She stood up and yelled, "That is rude. I have given you so much of my time, my energy, my f*cking heart, you b*tch!"

She then continued screaming about Rinna and she stormed out of the party. While this all happened, Eden was wearing a gorgeous dress with tons of white, whimsical, angelic tulle, so the juxtaposition was extremely fascinating to watch.

Where are we now? We are entering into the reunion with Dorit and Erika on decent terms, Erika and PK on bad terms, Eileen and PK on bad terms, Rinna and Eden on terrible terms, and Rinna and Dorit on terrible terms with Vanderpump and Kyle just hanging out and making sassy comments. Basically, we are exactly where we need to be. The reunion should be insane and I simply can't wait.