Lizzo Wants To Date A Hemsworth — But No, Not The One You Think

by Parry Ernsberger
Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Lizzo is single and ready to mingle, but she definitely doesn't want anyone else's man — even if he did just split from his wife. During an interview on Australia's The Project, the singer was asked if she'd date one newly single star, in particular (as per E! News). Lizzo's reaction to Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus' breakup was totally respectable, by the way, and it was also totally relatable at the same time.

So, the topic of Lizzo's love life recently came up while she speaking to The Project in Australia. "You're newly single," host Carrie Bickmore started. "You described your ex as an 'evil Gemini' — does that mean you're off all Geminis?" she asked, which prompted Lizzo to burst into laughter.

"Ohmygod, girl, you gonna put me on blast, that just woke me up," the singer joked. "No, my best friend is a Gemini, and I love Geminis," she continued. "I think they're great people, I just don't think that oil and water really mix, you know what I mean?"

Bickmore then pointed out that there are "a lot of great Geminis Down Under" if Lizzo happened to be looking, to which she replied, "All right! Turn up! I'm ready! I'm going to find a Hemsworth cousin. I'm going to find the Hemsworth younger brother and see what's up."

Now, in case you weren't aware, the Hemsworth brothers — Chris, Liam, and Luke, all of whom are celebrities in their own right — are originally from Australia. "Well, Liam's on the market now," Bickmore noted in reference to his recently announced split from long-time love Miley Cyrus. "Oh, I'm not messing with Miley's man," Lizzo immediately clarified. "I need my own Hemsworth."

Now, Lizzo was just probably kidding about getting herself a Hemsworth — after all, both Chris and Luke are married. On the other hand, who knows? Maybe they do have some single cousins in Australia that they could hook the star up with while she's there.

That's beside the point, though. The point is that, despite the fact that yes, Liam is technically single now, Lizzo has no interest in pursuing someone else's man. It's not like anybody would have blamed her if she'd even jokingly feigned interest in him — because, come on, he's Liam Hemsworth — but she didn't even hesitate to answer in a way that was true to her standards. That deserves some applause all around.

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Astrologically, though, Liam might actually be a good match for Lizzo, theoretically speaking. He's a Capricorn (so, not a Gemini), and she's a Taurus. Both of those are considered Earth signs, and Earth signs "all get on well with each other," according to Cosmopolitan. "They're on each other's wavelength and share similar priorities and values." Interesting, right?

Regardless, Lizzo probably isn't in a rush to find love Down Under — or anywhere, for that matter — right now. First of all, her career has been keeping her incredibly busy this past year. And aside from that, she's already got all the love she needs — the love she's fostered from loving herself.