Luann Had 2 Other Options For Her ‘RHONY’ Season 10 Tagline & TBH, They’re WAY Better

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Selecting a Housewives taglines takes strategy and creativity, and, sadly, most of the cast of Real Housewives of New York City missed the mark in Season 10. Out of all seven women, Luann de Lesseps' is by far the best, but did you know Luann's RHONY Season 10 tagline could have been something completely different and so much better than: "The most interesting people make the best headlines"?

While chatting with Bravo's The Daily Dish podcast, Luann admitted she didn't even know what her Season 10 tagline was. It's unclear when this interview took place, because it seems like since RHONY is currently airing, she'd know her own tagline.

Whatever the case, after the podcast hosts brought up her tagline, the Housewife asked, "Is that what my tagline is?" She then revealed she thought her tagline was: "From headlines to headliner, life is a cabaret."

OK, how amazing is that? It's so good. Not only does it relate to her making headlines for her December 2017 arrest in Palm Beach, Florida, but also her cabaret show. Oh, yes, Luann has her own cabaret show, #CountessAndFriends. It first debuted in New York City in February. If you haven't seen videos, you need to watch them, stat. It was so popular, she's also doing shows in Los Angeles.

In February, Luann told The New York Times about #CountessAndFriends, "To know that the show was totally sold out and people are still trying to get tickets is a really great feeling." She continued, "That I get to come back and have something creative to sink my teeth into has been really helpful for me, because it’s been a rocky road, the past two years.”

See? This particular tagline would've been even more perfect than the one chosen. Why, Bravo, why?

Are you ready for the second tagline that didn't make the cut? Anyone who's followed Luann's tumultuous relationship with Tom D'Agostino Jr. will appreciate it greatly. It was: "It's not about Tom, it's about tomorrow." And this wasn't selected, why?

Apparently, Jennifer Lawrence told Luann she couldn't use that. Per The Countess, Lawrence acted as a "think tank" for Season 10 taglines after they met on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen in March.

"She was starstruck," Lu said about J. Law. "I couldn't believe it. It was great. She's such a nice girl." If you haven't seen Luann and Bethenny Frankel surprising Lawrence, you can watch the epic clubhouse moment here.

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"And what you don't see is that after that, she was helping me with my taglines," Luann continued about the Oscar winner. "She's like, 'No, you can't say that.' They wanted me to say something like, 'It's not about Tom, it's about tomorrow.' I'm like, I'm not saying that ... and Jennifer's like, 'Oh, you are not. You are not going to say that.'"

Of course, it's understandable why Luann wouldn't want D'Agostino to be part of her tagline. They're now divorced and she's trying to move on from him, but fans have to admit it's a great choice, right? Plus, the tagline is a play on the Season 9 moment Bethenny showed Luann photos of D'Agostino kissing another woman. Remember what Lu said to Bethenny? "Please don’t let it be about Tom. Don’t do this to me." Bethenny answered, "It’s about Tom."

Luann's Season 10 tagline is still good (and the best out of her fellow Housewives), but it was a wasted opportunity not using one of the other two. Really, let's be cool, not all uncool, when choosing taglines.