'The Bachelorette' Podcast Covers The Good, The Bad, & The Whaboom

by Ashley Rey
Paul Hebert/ABC

If you tuned in on Monday, I'm pretty sure that you can attest to the fact that The Bachelorette's premiere episode brought out the best and worst in everyone. My idea of the best was Rachel gamely cracking jokes and laughing openly at even the corniest or most annoying of guys. My idea of the worst was, of course, Lucas the Whaboom. In Bustle's Will You Accept This Podcast?, it was basically required to do a rendition of Lucas' infamous "Whaboom" screech — which, surprisingly, does fill you with a burst of energy once executed.

Appropriately entitled, "Whabooms, Tickle Monsters, & Douchebags, Oh My!," Bustle’s Senior Entertainment Editor, Kelsea Stahler; Romper Senior News and Entertainment Editor, Allison Piwowarski; Associate Entertainment Editor, Lia Beck; and Associate TV Editor, Martha Sorren spent the introductory episode reviewing the many contestants — from their frontrunners to those nixed by the end of the night. Contestant Josiah may have won some of America over by claiming Rachel as his future wife, but, for the Bustle podcasters, this move was a little too creepy to get over. Meanwhile, contestant Dean's early comment of "going black, and never going back" was just one heck of an awkward moment.

The ladies also scratched the surface on the inevitable race talks surrounding this season and agreed that watching The Bachelorette should totally be in all of our self-care routines — no matter how trivial the show may seem.

Personally, I thought I had all of Lindsay's top guys scoped out, but Monday's premiere proved that the entire season is going to be super unpredictable. Who knew that the established 32-year-old lawyer would find an aspiring drummer and a megaphone toting "Whaboom" attractive? Because I certainly didn't.

All in all, it's nice to see fans rallying behind Rachel as much as I am. Our girl deserves the best, and Bachelor Nation won't stop investigating all of the male suitors until we find one that we approve of. (Just, please, don't let it be the Whaboom.)