Here Are All Of Lush's Spring 2020 Launches (Including Avocado-Shaped Soap)

Lush's spring launches include an avocado bubble bar and egg shower jelly.
Courtesy of Lush

When it comes to holidays, there's a brand that never fails to surprise beauty lovers. Lush's Spring 2020 launches are keeping that traditional going. The ethical beauty brand's Easter and Mother's Day items launch Feb. 14 online and two weeks later in local stores. Like past collections that included favorites like Scrubee, the new set of holiday-themed goods will likely have fans scrambling to get their hands on these quirky creations.

Lushies — the nickname given to fans of the brand — are familiar with Lush's more unique holiday offerings. While the brand has year round staples that customers love, like its Comforter Bubble Bar and Intergalactic Bath Bomb, during nearly every holiday of the year, Lush launches specially curated collection. It's most recent is likely it's most well-known thanks to its risqué marketing.

Lush's Valentine's Day collection has been a viral sensation for the last two years thanks to two specific products, one shaped like an eggplant and the other in the form of a peach. Yes, the Eggplant Bath Bomb and Peach Soap are meant to represent exactly what you think they are, and the items were so popular that the brand brought them back this year.

While Lush's spring launches don't feature anything quite so daring, there's still plenty of cute items to choose from including a sunny side up egg, an avocado, and the Easter bunny.

No, you can't put this product on toast, but the avocado-themed soap is perfect for skin.

Sunny Side Up Shower Jelly

This wobbly shower jelly will make you feel like you've cracked an egg on your body thanks to its texture, but the candy-scented cleanser is much, much nicer.

Magic Rabbit Bath Bomb

See swirls of purple, blue, and pink in you bath with this fun and fizzy Easter bunny.

Cream Egg Bubbleroon

If you're more of a bubble bar kind of person than bath bomb lover, this cocoa and shea butter creation is for you.

Lucky Carrot Bubble Bar

This veggie-themed bubble bar will fill your bathroom with the citrusy aroma of lemon and tangerine.

Dinosaur Egg Bombshell Bath Bomb

Returning for a second year is Lush's Dino Egg bath bomb. While this may be one of the brand's more expensive items, it's actually two bombs in one (thanks to the dual sides of the egg) and features dinosaur shaped soap in the center.

Golden Egg Bath Bomb Melt

Get excited, glitter lovers! The Golden Egg bath bomb is back in all of its shiny, bergamont scented goodness.

Baby’s Bum Facial Cleanser

Yes, this is a solid facial cleanser shaped like a butt. But it's also a package-free wash that softens and brightens the skin as you cleanse.

Blazin’ Bad Zula Bath Bomb

For lovers of spicy scents, this new bath bomb will be ideal with its cinnamon and black pepper aroma.

Knock Out Reusable Bubble Bar

The new Knock Out Bubble Bar may soon become a quick favorite among athletes. With its cinnamon and peppermint smell and an epsom salt addition, it's great for soothing tired muscles.

Ginger Shower Gel

If you've tried Lush's Ginger perfume and loved it, try this new shower gel which features the same spicy scent.

Posh Conditioning Shampoo Bar

For those looking to reduce waste in 2020, Lush's shampoo bars are an excellent choice. The new Posh bar features activated charcoal for a deep clean, and on the other side, you'll find a matching conditioner.

Me Time Fresh Face Mask

Lush's fresh faces masks can only be purchase in-store, so you'll have to head to your home location for this skin-soothing mask.

Madame President Bath Bomb

Madame President is back in time for the 2020 election year.

Mamma Mia Shower Scrub

With the scents of vanilla, rose, and bergamot, this new shower scrub from Lush will buff your skin to perfection and leave you smelling divine.

Mamma Mia Naked Shower Scrub

If you don't want the waste of the container, you can snag the same shower scrub in a naked form.

Whether you want to shop Lush's quirkier spring options like the Sunny Side Shower Jelly or want its more classic additions like the Me Time Fresh Face Mask, the brand is bringing it for spring.