Lush Just Released An Egg Bath Bomb That Has The Cutest Dino Inside

Lush Cosmetics/Instagram

Unfortunately, winter is still sticking around, and that coat of yours has to stay in your closet. However, that doesn't mean you can't start embracing spring in other ways, and Lush's spring collection is the perfect way to start getting your body ready for warmer temperatures.

As of late (but also as of always, tbh), Lush's holiday and seasonal collections have been next level good. In fact, its last collection practically blew up the internet. Inside the brand's Valentine's Day collection, Lushies found not just a highly suggestive peach shaped bath bomb but a matching eggplant one as well. Yes, it was hilarious, and while there are no risqué products in the brand's new spring collection, the products are just as cute as the Valentine's products were funny.

For their spring collection, Lush launched a plethora of classic products, like bath bombs and bubble bars, in spring scents and fun new designs, but there are some new products on the block that may just be the cutest and coolest items in the collection. Lush's new Brontosaurus Fun Egg is the dinosaur-themed bath accessory you never knew you needed, and it's a brand new product for the brand that's coming just in time for spring.

The egg-shaped bath bomb comes in a top and bottom which you can use for two seperate baths or use together to have the most extra bathing experience ever. As for the inside, you'll find a super cute dinosaur, but it's not just a bath bomb. It's actually a bubble bar or body wash, however you choose to use it. Basically, the new Fun Eggs are three products in one, and this one is shaped like a dinosaur. What's not to love?

The Brontosaurus Fun Egg isn't alone, though. Lush is debuting several of the new product in their latest collection, and they're all just as adorable as you'd think.

Stegosaurus Fun Egg

Like Brontosaurus, the Stegosaurus Fun Egg features two bath bombs (in the top and bottom portions of the egg) and a moldable bubble bar or body wash inside in the shape of the adorable dino. If you're looking for a fruity scent, this product features sweet strawberry and peach notes.

Chick Fun Egg

Next up, there's the more classic spring Fun Eggs. Chick is just like the dinosaur themed eggs, but with its baby chicken inside, it's much more reminiscent of spring and Easter.

Bunny Fun Egg

The last Fun Egg in the new Lush spring collection is bunny, a peppermint and geranium scented product that will turn your bath orange and get you in the spring spirit.

The Fun Eggs may be the newest products in Lush's spring launch, but they are far from the only ones. Lushies can also find returning products like Golden Egg and Free Rangers alongside new scents in bath bombs like Jasmine Flower and Bunny Bomb Bomb.

If you want to get your hands on Lush's new Fun Eggs or the brand's other spring releases, all of the products are available now, March 5 online. As for shopping in store, you'll be able to hit up your local Lush on March 18 if you want to smell these new goods or see them in action. Mark your calendar because spring is coming.