Mandy Moore Has The Best Reaction To This 'Tangled' Theory

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If you have ever found yourself left aghast by a dark fan theory involving your favorite childhood franchise, just know you are not alone — and it's even harder to hear when you are in said franchise. During a TVLine interview, Mandy Moore learned about a Tangled and Frozen fan theory that suggests Anna and Elsa's parents' ship sunk while they were sailing to Corona to attend Rapunzel and Flynn's wedding. Dark, right? Moore definitely thinks so. In her interview she was clearly shocked by the idea, which she quickly shot down.

Moore told TVLine,

"That’s a pretty morbid fan theory. It feels like someone is really reaching into 'Lost' territory or something."

It's probably a good thing no one told her about the extended theory where Ariel discovers the sunken ship, or the one where Elsa and Anna's brother is Tarzan. As the official voice of Rapunzel, Moore is protective of her princess and says there's no need to get other characters involved in the Tangled world when it's so rich on its own.

Disney clearly agrees with her there. Even though Rapunzel and Flynn pop up in an Easter egg cameo during Elsa's coronation, the duo are staying in Corona for Disney Channel's Tangled: The Series. The further adventures of Rapunzel will have plenty of new characters and characters from the film to keep the princess and Flynn busy for at least two seasons.

As for Moore, her facial expressions upon hearing some fans believe Anna and Elsa's parents died heading to Rapunzel's wedding are priceless. If you've ever read the Rugrats are all figments of Angelica's imagination theory, you have probably made a similar face. While fan theories can be fun — and imaginative, sometimes they also break your brain a little.

Moore just wants to live in the land of Corona where there are no depressing deaths and shocking twists of fate — she gets more than enough of that on her other hit TV show This is Us. Tangled is clearly the actor's happy place, and according to her interview, the project that allowed her to fulfill her life-long dream of being a Disney princess.

Her reaction to the fan theory is further proof Moore truly is Rapunzel. The feisty princess with a thousand talents would be quick to express her feelings about a strange tale, while still supporting anyone who wants to use their imaginations to expand their favorite worlds. Is Moore a cool princess or the coolest princess? I'm going with the latter.