This Dark AF 'Rugrats' Theory Will Haunt You

If you're a '90s kid and you ever got to watch television, I'm willing to bet you watched the Rugrats. After all, who doesn't love those animated babies? I'm sorry to say, Rugrats fans, but the Internet has stumbled upon a Rugrats theory that will shatter your world. It's been over a decade since I've last seen this show, but trust me, once I started reading about this surprisingly dark and sad theory about the real story of the Rugrats, all the details of the once loved cartoon came rushing back to me. This is one thing nostalgia probably won't shine in a bright light, sorry to say.

Interestingly, fan theories about our favorite TV shows and movies are nothing new. When people love a show, whether it's something new or something old, people love to try and get inside the head of the writers and creators and figure out all the possible "why" questions about the show. It's fun, too, to theorize about alternate endings or what different clues or hints along the way could mean. It's hard to know who exactly came up with this mind-blowing Rugrats theory, because it's been passed around a few different sources, but it's getting a lot of mileage for all the right reasons: it's thorough, reasonable, and seems scarily possible. Definitely gives you something to chew on next time a rerun of the Rugrats comes on Nickelodeon, right?

I've broken down the major parts of the theory below, but feel free to do your own exploring for additional twists and turns from our favorite Rugrats theorists out there!

1. The Basis of The Theory

Everyone's favorite bossy baby, Angelica, dreamed up the Rugrats because she was lonely. Dill seems to be the only baby that is also real, as he is the only one she can't make disappear when she becomes frustrated with him. Ever wonder why he was the only baby who didn't talk? It's because he was the only baby who was real. So, if the other babies are figments of her imagination, where did they come from? Well...

2. Chuckie Died In A Car Accident

We all remember that Chuckie's dad is a bit neurotic, and that his mom died in a car accident. This theory suggests that Chuckie died in the car accident as well, making Chuckie's dad to be even more off-kilter.

3. Kimi's Mom Is A Sex Worker

When Chas Finster goes to Paris, he meets a sex worker name Kira. He marries her and brings her back to America, but Kira loses custody of her daughter, Kimi, when it's discovered that she's a sex worker and drug addict. Angelia learns about Kimi because Kira is always talking about her and missing her.

4. Stu Makes Toys In The Basement Because...

Tommy is a stillborn. After Tommy died at birth, Stu Pickles went pretty nuts, and spent all of his time making toys in the basement as a way to deal with his grief.

5. Phil And Lil Were Identical Because...

Ever wonder how Phil and Lil were fraternal twins, yet also identical? This theory suggests that the DeVilles terminated their pregnancy and aborted Phil and Lil before their biological sex was identified. Angelica knows they would have been twins, so she simply assigns them each a sex, as she doesn't know any better because, well, she's a kid.

6. Where Does Angelica's Twisted Imagination Come From?

Well, it seems like Angelica has a pretty dark history herself. According to this theory, that doll Angelica is always carrying around — you know, the ratty looking one with the blond hair sticking out? Supposedly, this doll reminds her of her biological mother, who was a drug addict, and is dead. Charlotte, on the other hand, her step-mother, is the opposite of her dead mother, and is overly focused on her career. Though perhaps more functional, Charlotte never gives Angelica much love or attention, so Angelica feels lonely and like she has to make up her friends to have fun — and perhaps, have people to exert some control over.

7. What About Suzie?

Suzie is Angelica's only real friend. She puts up with Angelica's imaginary friends because she understand that Angelica has a hard life, and her imaginary friends are her coping mechanism. Basically, Suzie is the friend we all need in our lives when things get tough.

... Sorry for wrecking everyone's childhood. Happy Monday!

Images: Giphy (7); Nickelodeon