The 5 Best Crystals To Keep Around For Stress Relief

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A woman lies among flowers. these are the best crystals for stress relief.
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Life? It's stressful. Crystals? They're magical, mystical, and oh-so-soothing. Crystal healing can be helpful for many things, and people throughout history (as well as today!) have touted natural gems and minerals for their purported healing abilities and wellness properties. With our modern-day, ever-busy millennial lifestyles, finding different means of stress relief is an important part of self-care and taking care of our mental health — there are many crystals for stress relief that can be very healing and helpful when it comes to chillin' us the heck out in the midst of the our hectic day-to-day schedules.

Bustle spoke with Nura Rachelle, astrologer and crystal expert for the metaphysical crystal shop Thee Ancients, about the benefits of using crystals for stress relief. "Crystals love to help me find my way back to my center," explains Rachelle of her crystal healing practice. "It seems their very nature is to remind us to trust in the flow of life, and to go easy on ourselves." The simple act of taking time out of your day to clear your mind and connect with the energy of a natural specimen is calming in and of itself, making virtually any crystal healing sesh a stress-relieving one.

Whether you're a longtime crystal queen or a total crystal healing newbie, using crystals for stress relief is one of the easiest ways to connect. "Think of using crystals for calming as deep exhale breathing for your soul," wrote crystal expert Heather Askinosie, author of upcoming book CRYSTAL365, on Energy Muse. "Crystals and stones for anxiety can help unlock the door to inner peace."

Check out some of my favorite easy-to-find crystals for stress relief that can help provide calm, relaxation, and peace amidst the chaos of our lives.

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Amethyst For Spiritual Zen

The soothing, feminine energy of amethyst is incredibly powerful and very easy to connect with. "My favorite crystal for an uplifting reminder is amethyst," Rachelle shares with Bustle. "This crystal always has something to say about coming back to clarity and surrender. ”Associated with the crown chakra (or the highest, most spiritual of the chakras), amethyst can serve as a reminder to look at the bigger picture and get in touch with our higher selves rather than allowing ourselves to be caught up in stressful day-to-day details.

Calcite For Soothing Emotions

Calcite is one of my favorite stones for gentle, effective stress-relief. It's recognizable for its naturally shiny, milky-looking exterior and its variety of pretty, pastel colors (each, of course, with varying healing qualities). "The world can be a harsh, hard, loud, and forceful place. Calcite is a repose," Crystal Vaults wrote of the crystal on its site. "For many, just holding one for a few minutes brings great relief." So whether you choose a sunny, mood-boosting orange calcite, a heart-opening and loving green calcite, or an anxiety-reducing and physically calming blue calcite, rest assured that this stone variety will bring stress-relieving benefits.

Lithium Quartz For Anxiety Relief

All quartz varieties are amplifiers of energy and great crystals for beginners, as they're easy to connect with. But if you're looking for a slice of peace and calming, look no further than lithium quartz. "Lithium quartz stone is the quintessential crystal for calm," wrote Energy Muse on its site, "By establishing an emotional balance, lithium makes it easier for you to breathe and relax." Lithium quartz contains natural lithium, which you may recognize as an ingredient in some anti-anxiety medications. The quartz works by amplifying the emotionally and mentally soothing qualities of the natural lithium inclusions, making for a deeply stress-relieving stone to work with over a long period of time.

Blue Lace Agate For Calm & Communication

Like a dip in a pool of cool, blue water, blue lace agate is a soothing stone that can help to cleanse you of the stresses that come from working with others. "[Blue lace agate] has a stimulating, positive effect on emotions and attitude," wrote Crystal Vaults on its site. "Its circular flowing energy calms, uplifts and elevates." Associated with the throat chakra, blue lace agate is great for helping with clear, gentle communication, allowing those of us who struggle to speak our minds to do so diplomatically and with kindness.

Lepidolite For Deep Relaxation

Yet another crystal that is made from naturally-occurring and highly anxiety-reducing lithium, lepidolite is one of my favorite crystals for promoting deep relaxation — in fact, I often bring it with me as one of my crystals for traveling to keep my calm, and I put one under my pillow if I'm having trouble falling asleep due to stress or anxiety! "One of the best mood stabilizers in the world of gemstones, the Lepidolite crystal contains a high amount of lithium, which is also used in anti-anxiety medication ... and side effects include a sense of calm and tranquility during times of stress and chaos," wrote Energy Muse. "Call on Lepidolite to balance the mind and spirit, especially when you need to cool off fiery emotions."

Ways To Make The Most Of Stress-Relieving Crystals

Certain crystals (including all those mentioned above!) can be incredibly helpful when it comes to calming our anxieties, promoting relaxation, and soothing our spirits. By simply connecting with the energies of these crystals — whether by wearing them in a piece of jewelry, carrying them with us in our purse or pocket, or simply placing them decoratively on our desks, altars, or nightstands — we will benefit from their calming, stress-relieving frequencies. But there are some additional ways we can work with crystals to maximize on the energetic benefits they offer.

Meditating with crystals is one of the absolute best ways to calm ourselves and connect with a crystal's energy. "Meditating with crystals helps you connect with their high vibrational frequencies, which can open up your chakras to a deeper level of healing," explained Energy Muse on its site. Meditation in and of itself is a deeply calming and beneficial addition to anyone's day, as its known to help relieve anxiety and clear the mind — so incorporating crystal healing into your practice can make both modalities even more synergistically effective.

Crystal rituals for stress relief are also a great practice to try if you want to really make the most of your crystal calm. While you can find countless crystal rituals online and in books that help with grounding and stress relief, one simple one that I love involves grabbing your favorite stress relief stones, sitting comfortably in the sunshine, and intentionally placing your stones of choice in the sun in front of you. While allowing the naturally powerful, life-giving energy of the sun's ray to penetrate your spirit (and dose you up with some mood-boosting vitamin D) and cleanse/charge the energy of your crystals, you should focus on your physical body, the warmth of the sun, and imagine it washing away your stress. Then grab your crystals, one in each palm, and hold them tightly as you remain in the sun. Close your eyes if needed, and imagine the energy of the crystals flowing through your body through your palms, washing a wave of calm over your being,

No matter how you choose to take advantage of the stress-relieving qualities of your calming stones of choice, be sure to cleanse your crystals thoroughly before working with them, and program your crystals with intentions in order to connect with their energy before use and make them even more effective.

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