Mark Hamill Just Trolled 'Star Wars' Fans With The Perfect Ariana Grande Reference

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

This isn't the Star Wars Episode IX title that you were looking for, but that doesn't make it any less perfect (or fake, it's definitely fake, everyone). On Thursday, Jan. 10, Mark Hamill tweeted an Ariana Grande reference for the ages. Twitter user @marissak_316 tweeted to the actor who plays Luke Skywalker: "And if they don't release the title of the film soon I'm just gonna have to get it out of @HamillHimself myself." And Hamill? Well, he responded with a title mock-up that reads Star Wars Episode IX: Thank U, Next. Cue epic Star Wars scroll, because that's some next level trolling.

Hamill's simple caption on his post only makes the reference so much sweeter. "#SorryNotSorry," he wrote. Clearly, the actor's come a long way with his pop culture referencing since November, when he tweeted "Thank You, Next" completely unaware that it was the title of a hit song by Grande. The internet quickly schooled him, and Luke Skywalker went on to make Star Wars superfan Grande's day by tweeting, "You know you're out of it when someone suggests you tweet what you think is just a random phrase that turns out to be the title of the new album by @ArianaGrande, one of the most popular artists in the history of showbiz. #ImSorryAri #ItsUnotYou."

Grande's response to Hamill calling her one of the most popular artists in the history of showbiz was to declare she was getting the tweet tattooed on her forehead. Basically, it was a mutual lovefest and the fandom collision that no one knew they needed until it happened. This latest twist only makes Hamill and Grande's exchange from November even more adorable in retrospect. He later confirmed that he's definitely heard "Thank U, Next" now, and if his Twitter feed is any indication, he's just as obsessed with the song as everyone else is.

For now, the Episode IX title remains a mystery. And it's one that Hamill probably won't be solving for fans anytime soon, at least not unless he gets the go ahead from Disney. Who needs the real title when you can imagine how great a Star Wars movie titled "Thank U, Next" could be? Think about the memes it would spawn. Kylo Ren has definitely taught the whole fandom love, patience, and pain. Mostly pain, but still.

Sadly, Grande hasn't responded to Hamill's latest "Thank U, Next" tweet, but hopefully that's just because she's too busy campaigning for Piggy Smallz to win Cutest Musician's Pet at the 2019 iHeartRadio Music Awards. Hey, pet parents know their priorities. But given how excited the singer was the first time Hamill referenced her song, she'll no doubt be over the moon about his alternate title suggestion for Episode IX.

It's unclear whether or not filming for Episode IX is complete just yet, but if there's even one frame left to shoot, then Hamill needs to convince director J.J. Abrams to offer Grande a cameo. Look, everyone from Prince William to Daniel Craig has reportedly had a secret cameo in the new trilogy so far, and with Grande's die hard fan status colliding with Hamill's sudden introduction to the wonders of modern pop music, this crossover needs to officially happen.

Thank you for the Twitter goodness, Hamill, but the next Star Wars-Grande mashup needs to happen on screen — and preferably involve Luke Skywalker and the greatest singer in the galaxy hanging out discussing the latest hits in space.