Maybelline's Newest Highlighter Is An Affordable Dupe For A Popular Fenty Product

Can anyone resist a drug store alternative? While there's sometimes no other option than the original, everything is worth a shot, and one of the most popular products of 2017 is getting its very own dupe. According to Allure, Maybelline is launching a Fenty Beauty Trophy Wife alternative that's perfect if you're on a budget or just looking for as many gold highlighters that can possibly fit in a Caboodle.

When Fenty Beauty launched in Sept. 2017, the hype was real, and the brand certainly seems to have lived up to it. Not only did they launch an inclusive line of foundation that had a full 40 shades, but they crafted highlighters and highlighter duos that seemed to make the internet very happy. The one that seemed to make the most noise? Fenty's Trophy Wife. The gorgeous golden shade was all over Instagram in the days following the launch. Now, there may be an alternative with a cheaper price tag.

Maybelline's Master Chrome Highlighters are getting all new shades, and this drugstore favorite could just replace your Trophy Wife if you're looking to tame your budget a little. It's golden hue made its Twitter debut, and it's already making headlines.

Currently, Fenty Beauty's Trophy Wife highlighter retails for $34 on the Sephora website. Meanwhile at Target, Maybelline's Master Chrome costs only $7.89. That gives you an over $25 savings. While the drugstore highlight hasn't come out (so there's no way to know its quality), the video certainly looks like a convincing alternative.

Then, of course, there's the fact that the brand seems to have tapped the YouTube queen of glow, NikkieTutorials, to help them launch new glowy products. In another video posted to the brand's Twitter account, the YouTube beauty guru certainly seems to be trying to show off a glow.

While the shade NikkieTutuorials is wearing doesn't seem to be the golden tone, it is definitely a stunning glow.

Meanwhile, Fenty Beauty has moved on to their latest launch: Body Lava. The shimmering liquid is an all over body glow, and fans were extremely excited when the launch was announced. If you want to shop Fenty's Body Lava and save some cash elsewhere, the new Maybelline Master Chrome could just be the perfect way to do so.

While the launch date for the new shade hasn't been announced, why should you shop it without trying it first? Well, lucky for you, the Maybelline highlight is a YouTube favorite. Just check out these reviews.

Tati Westbrook

Westbrook was in love with the highlighter's blinding look even in the pan.


Master Chrome came with a high recommendation from MannyMUA who explained to his viewers that he was "shook" over the product.

Jackie Aina

For Jackie Aina, she loved that you could wear the highlight sheer or make it ultra blinding.

Laura Lee

How did Laura Lee feel? Well, she straight up compared the highlight (even though hers was broken) to a high-end product. Talk about a compliment, right?

Desi Perkins

According to Perkins, the highlight is so good that it belonged in her best glow products video. Now that's a compliment.

Whille Maybelline's new gold Master Chrome highlighter really compare to Fenty Beauty's Trophy Wife? Only time will tell, but based on previous reviews of the original shades, this certainly seems like it could just be a drugstore alternative in the making. Keep your eyes peeled to Maybelline's social media for more information about the upcoming launch and get ready to glow on a budget. Let's be honest, we all want to save some cash but still look like a glowing god or goddess.