'Vanderpump' Stars Jax & Brittany Are Starting An Extremely On-Brand Business

Christopher Polk/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Spoilers ahead for Vanderpump Rules Season 7, Episode 2. By now, spon con is practically synonymous with reality TV, but sometimes, stars will take it a step further and launch their own business ventures. And Vanderpump Rules stars Jax and Brittany's beer cheese line is a prime example.

On the Dec. 16 episode of Vanderpump Rules, Jax and Brittany are doing more than starting to plan their wedding — they're starting an entirely new business called Meemaw's Beer Cheese. Some backstory: Brittany is from Kentucky, and one of her favorite dishes from home is her grandmother's "beer cheese" spread. As Brittany explains in the episode, "Beer cheese is a beer cheese spread. It has cheese, it has other spices, it has beer in it. I've grown up on this stuff — my Meemaw has made it my entire life, and it's just delicious." Because it is so delicious, Brittany and Jax have opted to make beer cheese their thing, and they're going to package it and sell it so people all over the country can become addicted to its cheesy, beer-y goodness. "I can't wait to bring it to L.A.," Brittany said.

In an interview with Bravo, Brittany said that her Meemaw has actually sold her own beer cheese back in Kentucky for a long time, and now, Brittany and Jax are scaling it way up. "Jax and I are just trying to take it to the next level," she said. "So we are working with a couple different companies in L.A. to try to get it going and it's gonna be on this season… Meemaw's Beer Cheese. It's gonna be up and running soon!"

A quick internet search shows that Meemaw's Beer Cheese isn't officially in stores yet (or at least, they don't seem to have a website or anything that would explain where to buy it), but any chance to make some money and for Brittany to pay homage to her Kentucky heritage can't be a bad thing. That said, hopefully Brittany and Jax have time for beer cheese research and development on top of all of the wedding planning they're doing!

According to Us Weekly, Jax and Brittany originally planned to have their summer 2019 nuptials in Malibu but made a switch after realizing it would be easier for the bulk of Brittany's Kentucky-based family to attend the wedding if it were in Kentucky. Enter Kentucky Castle, located in Versailles, Kentucky. It looks… a lot like Versailles. That is, if the real Versailles were located in the American south. Also on the docket for the wedding? Big bridal parties filled with friends and a lot of the Vanderpump Rules castmates, plus a gorgeous dress that Brittany is keeping secret (she doesn't want Jax to know a thing).

After a rollercoaster couple of years, Jax and Brittany are finally settled and embarking on two huge adventures: marriage and starting a company together. Neither is easy, but both will reap their own respective (and sometimes cheesy) rewards.