These LOL Memes & Celeb Reactions To England's World Cup Win Are Everything

Clive Rose/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

It's official. England are through to the semi-finals of the World Cup, for the first time since 1990. In unbelievable scenes, a relaxed performance by Gareth Southgate's men saw what must be the most underrated team in recent England history cruise past Sweden with a swish 2-0 victory. As with any great moment in 2018, the internet afterwards was lit AF with all round good vibes. These memes and celebrity reactions to England's victory over Sweden are undoubtedly the best of the crop.

England progressed into today's quarter-final after a truly nail biting penalty shoot out against Colombia. When Eric Dier netted the final penalty kick to send England through, it marked the first shoot out England have won in World Cup history. Like, actually. Around 24 million people tuned in to watch, according to the Guardian, and the victory was totes emotional for everyone involved. Afterwards, the country burst into some truly epic celebrations. There were even whispers of that magical phrase — "it's coming home" — with plenty of celebrities, football fans, and even a royal getting involved online. From Friends and Matrix themed memes, to the iconic #GarethSouthgateWould hashtag on Twitter, the internet celebrated in style.

Ahead of today's game against Sweden, the chatter was still going strong online, with the London cast of Hamilton offering their support with an acapella rendition of the iconic track.

Fast forward a few hours later and England were through to the semi-finals. With goals from Leicester City's Harry Maguire and Tottenham Hotspur's Delli Ali putting the team through, plenty of people were quick to chime in to praise their performance.

Others took notice of how long it apparently took Alli to realise he was being subbed off.

England's goalkeeper Jordan Pickford also got lots of love after his heroics in keeping a clean sheet.

Around the country fans went off, throwing their drinks into the air like they just didn't care (only they really, really did).

Channel 4 were on hand to offer an alternative version of the future that I'm sure a lot of England fans could get on board with.

Others were just buzzing that the semi-finals were now a reality for England fans. Bring on Wednesday evening, am I right?

Ian Wright's cracking reaction to England's victory against Colombia went viral, and this time around he hopped on Twitter to bring his own unique take on things.

Prince William, the President of the Football Association, hasn't been able to visit Russia to watch any games this time around. Instead he tweeted his support, uttering the immortal words "Football's coming home". Turns out they'd actually been playing the tune outside William's grandmother's house, Buckingham Palace, on Friday, which you can watch here.

Plenty of people were celebrating Gareth Southgate's heroics, and imagining how he might be celebrating after steering England to their best position since 1990.

As the architects of "Three Lions (It's Coming Home)", aka the anthem of the summer, plenty of eyes have been on David Baddiel and Frank Skinner, and they let us know they were enjoying things with this emotional pic.

The politicians were obviously down with getting involved with the good vibes. Theresa May sent a tweet and the Conservatives tried to make "chaps" happen.

So there we have it. England are through. Next up they'll face Russia or Croatia to see if they can go all the way to the final. The country is waiting on tenterhooks. Can they really bring it home? I'll be watching to find out.