These Memes Of Mike From The 'BiP' Reunion Will Go Down In Bachelor Nation History

ABC/John Fleenor

The Bachelor in Paradise reunion on Tuesday night was filled with romance, reconciliations, and more than its fair share of drama — but if you found yourself unsure of who, exactly to side with, Mike Johnson offered up a better option. As the episode aired, social media filled with tweets and GIFs of Mike during the BiP reunion, proving that the veteran and fan-favorite was feeling everything that Bachelor Nation was as it watched at home.

While Mike wasn't a part of any major drama during this time in Paradise, he quickly became a scene-stealer during the reunion when his over-the-top facial expressions during Blake and Christian's fight caught the attention of the cameras. After Blake claimed that he was acting in "self defense" when he wrestled Christian to the ground on the beach, Mike rolled his eyes so dramatically that everyone watching at home felt it deeply.

Though the pair traded a few barbs back and forth, Mike said everything he needed to with his facial expressions, which quickly blew up on social media. The only person who didn't seem so pleased with Mike's reactions was Jordan himself, who threatened to start a fight with the fan-favorite if he kept interrupting him. (Don't worry: Twitter had Mike's back, and talk quickly moved on from Jordan and Christian's drama.)

In addition to winning over everyone at home with his facial expressions, Bachelor Nation spent most of the reunion tweeting their hopes that Mike might still be the next Bachelor, despite all of the teases to the contrary. "Literally all we need now is for mike to be the bachelor and my night would be complete," Twitter user @owensjaq wrote, though they acknowledged that it is "99% unlikely" to happen. Fans have been campaigning for Mike to become the first African-American Bachelor in franchise history since he was eliminated from Hannah Brown's season.

According to a report from E! News back in August, producers were waiting to see how Mike's time in Paradise went before deciding on the next Bachelor. "Producers wanted to see how Paradise went with Mike. They love him but aren't sure if he is ready to carry a whole show," the outlet reported, citing sources close to production. And while it seems unlikely that Mike will be the next face of the franchise, that hasn't stopped some fans from doing some last minute campaigning.

Even if Mike isn't the next Bachelor, it seems as if things are working out for him now that he's returned from Paradise. After Demi Lovato revealed during the Bachelorette finale that she had a crush on Mike, sources are reporting that the pair are actually be dating. According to People, Mike and the pop star are "having fun and getting to know each other. They’ve been talking privately for a bit and hanging out."

Earlier this month, Entertainment Tonight reported that Mike and Lovato had gone on a date in Los Angeles, and sources said that the pair are planning to continue seeing one another. "Everything went well on the date," the source told the outlet. "They had been messaging and then got in touch in real life through Hannah Brown." The pair have also been openly flirty on social media, which has led fans to believe that there is something more to the couple's comments about one another.

Mike may not have found love on Bachelor in Paradise, but based solely on his reactions to all of the drama surrounding him during the reunion, it's clear that he has won all of the audiences' hearts.