Mercury Retrograde Is The Perfect Time To Log Off & Read One Of These 11 Books

By Kerri Jarema

If you were wondering why you spilled your fresh cup of coffee down your brand new white blouse yesterday, or why your office printer keeps jamming this afternoon, the answer is simple: Mercury is retrograde. Again. Yes, from July 7 until the 31st, everything will be a little bit more... difficult.

If you're astrology buff, you probably already know what that means, but here's a crash course (no pun intended) for those who don't: When Mercury begins its backspin, the transition is known to cause all manner of calamity: tech breakdowns galore, miscommunications left and right, and travel delays on planes, train, and automobiles. And apparently this particular Mercury retrograde in Leo is supposed to make all the signs more agitated than usual. Fun!

While you're battening down the hatches (and hopefully re-reading any and all snarky text messages before you accidentally send them to your boss instead of your co-worker) you might as well get some reading done, too. Below are 11 books that will make perfect Mercury Retrograde reading for one reason or another: they're calming in the midst of upheaval, they're informative about astrology and the zodiac, or they're just straight-up entertaining escapism to get you through this trying time: