Target Has A Mermaid Ice Cream Full Of Sour Swirls & Candy Flakes Now

If you've always dreamed of a life under the sea — or found that you want to go where the people go and hope that that place has dessert — this is your moment. Your millennial ice cream-loving dreams have come true, because Target has blessed us with the most picture-perfect (and delicious) ice cream that I've seen in a long while. If you like your ice cream with a side of whimsy, then their Mermaid Ice Cream is here for you. It comes with big swirls of color in turquoise and purple and is totally ready to help you let your inner sea goddess shine on through.

The ice cream itself is a classic vanilla flavor, but then you have sour blue and red raspberry swirls, according to the containerand there are candy flakes right inside the ice cream. So it's definitely got some sweet and sour happenings going on.

It comes from Target's Market Pantry range and a solid 1.5-quart tub will only set you back $3.59, meaning you can have your fits of fancy while still staying very much on a budget. Whether you want to share it with friends or just go for it and tackle all of the mermaid glory yourself, I'm not here to judge. This tub of ice cream is your oyster.

If you just can't get enough of that sparkly, sequin-y, colorful world of mermaids, then you're in luck — mermaids are definitely big right now, perhaps even overtaking their mystical unicorn counterparts.

Firstly, there's the The Little Mermaid Live! ABC special that is coming out on Nov. 5, with QUEEN LATIFAH AS URSULA. Let that sink in for a minute: Queen Latifah as Ursula. Talk about perfection.

And it's a good thing that's coming up relatively soon, because those of us already excited about the live-action Little Mermaid remake have a while to wait. Halle Bailey will be taking center stage as Ariel, but rumors say it might not hit theaters until 2021 — I know, it's way too long to wait, but you can't rush perfection so we all just have to strap in and get used to it.

Of course, if your love of mermaids is so strong that simply watching them isn't enough, then you can go big and actually live the mermaid life — even if it's only briefly. The “Play Mermaid For The Day” Experience through Airbnb will let you live out all of your mermaid dreams, if you happen to be in San Diego. The best part? You'll get plenty of photos taken to remind you of your big day and let you cherish those mermaid moments forever.

But if you're not ready to get all dressed up and want a simpler way to channel your love of all things mer and maid, then mermaid food is an easier way to show your affiliation. And there are a lot of them out there. You can get your hands on Mermaid Froot Loops cereal, a Mermaid ICEE, Little Debbie Shimmering Mermaid Cakes, and now, we've some delightful mermaid ice cream to add to the list. So scoop away and imagine a simpler, sweeter life under the sea.