Rihanna Teased She Might Be Recording New Music & Her Fans Are Freaking Out

Caroline McCredie/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Rihanna is officially back in the studio. The nine-time Grammy winner posted a video on her Instagram Story late Sunday night that had fans thrilled about the year ahead because, based on her post, it looks like new Rihanna music could be coming soon. It all began Sunday, Jan. 6, when the "Work" singer shared a video that features Instagram's Galaxy filter. She pointed the camera toward herself, before panning over to reveal that she was in front of a recording studio's control panel. Even though the video didn't give a ton of detail, this update could definitely be proof that a new album is finally on the way.

Rihanna's mysterious Instagram Story comes after she revealed that her new album is coming in 2019. When the singer posted a photo about Fenty Beauty last month, one fan commented asking when her new music would be coming out. And Rihanna actually answered, writing "2019" in a reply to the comment. Judging by her new post, it looks like she's making good on her statement.

Of course, Rihanna's been plenty busy with her non-music ventures lately, too. Last week, Fenty Beauty announced that it's launching 10 more foundation shades, in addition to offering an impressive 50 concealer shades. And that's not even mentioning the singer's Savage x Fenty lingerie line, which included a holiday collection last season. And while fans appreciate all of Rihanna's business ventures, this new Instagram story is sure to make them even happier for the star.

Following the revelation that a new Rihanna album is on the horizon, some fans think they already know the genre, too. Last year, Rihanna told Vogue that she wanted to make a reggae album. That doesn't mean that it will be her next album, necessarily, but there's always a possibility. (Plus, People noted that Rihanna recently followed a set of Jamaican music producers on Instagram, which could hint that they're working together on her new album.)

During the Vogue interview, Rihanna cited Bob Marley as her favorite reggae artist, telling the magazine about her favorite Marley songs. And after seeing Rihanna's latest Story, fans seem to have a renewed interest in hearing her take on the genre.

Whatever the genre of her new album is, though, it looks like fans are just happy to know Rihanna is working on new music.

While there's no release date set for the singer's ninth album, she could always surprise fans with an unannounced music drop. Artists like Beyoncé and JAY-Z have been known to release music unexpectedly. And, lest fans forget, Ariana Grande made "thank u, next" in record time after her breakup from Pete Davidson. (Then again, 2019 has only just started — so, theoretically, Rihanna's album could come at the end of December.)

And even though fans might be focused on the 2019 awards season, it will be worth keeping Rihanna's new album in mind for next year's awards circuit. Rihanna has a total of 33 Grammy nominations and nine Grammy wins, so it's likely that her new album, whenever it's released, will be up for award consideration, too. Until there's more info, though, fans will just have to rely on the little clues about her new album that Rihanna's been dropping on Instagram.