Noah Centineo's Attempt To Surprise His Devoted Fans Turned Out As Hilariously As You Would Expect — VIDEO

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

When did you fall in love with Noah Centineo? Was it when he replaced a character on The Fosters? Was it To All The Boys I've Loved Before..., or Sierra Burgess Is A Loser? One of his deep cuts? His mysterious tweets? Noah Centineo surprising fans on Jimmy Kimmel Live definitely won't dim the light in your heart that shines only for him. In fact, fair warning: It might make you love him even more.

Centineo, a true overnight sensation, went on Jimmy Kimmel on Friday, Sept. 21, and they covered a lot of ground. He sheepishly apologized for "screaming in the driveway" of a friend's house, as he later found out that friend's antics had disrupted the Kimmels (who live across the street), but the real joy kicked in when the young actor talked about how his life had changed in the last few months.

He's had a dedicated following for years, but the Centineo fandom intensified after he appeared in back-to-back teen romantic comedies on Netflix at the end of this summer. Kimmel expressed disbelief in how rapidly Centineo gained Instagram followers as a result, but the young actor shrugged it off. He was more concerned with intrusive new fans. Like, show up at airport baggage claim just to see him level intrusive.

Kimmel wanted to see the Centineo devotees in action, so he — as is custom on his show — stuck the actor in a costume, and had him sneak up on his own fans outside. Spoiler alert: His disguise doesn't last for long. That cheeky smile is too powerful to hide behind a scraggly blonde beard, people!

Jimmy Kimmel Live on YouTube

Seriously, though, as hard as Centineo tried, his fans could spot him in an instant. You can tell he's almost disappointed by that: Not that it wasn't fun for him to be recognized, but his playful nature obviously wishes he had more time to successfully prank his fans. He didn't get to do the grand reveal as often as he'd clearly hoped for; his fans did all the realizing on their own. In his fans' defense, it wasn't a perfectly-drawn plan. Centineo stands at six-feet-three-inches and has an instantly recognizable voice. Plus, he was approaching a sea of mostly young women who were being asked questions about him ahead of taping a television show known for that type of antic.

But still, watching Centineo pose as his own ultra-psyched super-fan is adorable. Like all things he does, really. Check out the full video of him "surprising" his fans ahead of his Jimmy Kimmel Live taping:

Jimmy Kimmel Live on YouTube

You can totally tell he had accents and bits and everything ready to go, right? Like, he definitely wanted to goof around with the fans incognito for at least a little longer. Still, that's all the more proof that Centineo is everything the internet wants him to be: Tall, tan, handsome, adorable, and every bit as goofy as he seems. Just imagine being one of the fans that goes in to hug him at the end of the video and then just... stays there. And he doesn't shake her off; he just lets her hang out there after hugging her back! What a gem. So fans, if you see him out and about in a just OK disguise: Go along with it for Centineo's sake.