The *NSYNC Guys Love Their Memes

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Prepare to have your heart warmed, boy band fans. During an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Lance Bass revealed the members of *NSYNC share *NSYNC memes. I repeat: the members of *NSYNC have a group text, and they use it to share memes of each other. I can only imagine it is as magical as it sounds.

According to Bass, there is a serious uptick in meme sharing when May comes around thanks to Justin Timberlake's legendary "It's Gonna Be May" meme. Timberlake proved he is the ultimate good sport when he kicked off "It's Gonna Be May" with a tweet on May 1. The meme was born out the singer's pronunciation of "me" in the classic *NSYNC song, "It's Gonna Be Me," and it has now become something of annual event on the internet to announce May with photos of Timberlake's face.

Bass told ET the guys love to try to find the most embarrassing memes of each other and share them in their group texts. He said,

"We've had a group text for years, and this time of year it’s really funny. We find the best memes, the most embarrassing ones of all the other guys, and yeah, it's fun."

If you can't stop imagining the members of *NSYNC sharing internet memes and loving jabs at each other via text now, just know you are not alone.

As much as I love knowing the band is as meme crazy as their fans, the best revelation to come out of the interview is that the guys are still close enough that they make a real effort to stay in touch. The band split back in 2002, but they have made the occasional appearance together since then, and they always speak fondly of one another.

Knowing they still chat and tease one another despite going their separate ways professionally is so reassuring. These guys may not perform together anymore, but they are still pals who are bonded by the fact that they grew up together. In the interview, Bass and his husband Michael Turchin even revealed the memes that embarrass Bass the most are the ones that use photos of him from the '90s. Turchin hilariously revealed he wouldn't have dated any of the guys back then, and Bass retorted, "That's because he knows all of us."

That's just further proof that *NSYNC is forever, even if they're not still making music together.