Here's How Many People Matched On Tinder In PyeongChang Leading Up To The Olympics

Alexander Hassenstein/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

In case anyone is looking for love — or just have fun — with the 2018 Olympic athletes, popular dating app Tinder has you covered. Because Tinder is letting users in the Olympic Village use Tinder Gold, their premium version, totally free of charge this year in PyeongChang.

What is Tinder Gold? It's a members-only service, offering special features other users don't have: Passport (the ability to change your location), Rewind (go back after you swiped left), Unlimited Likes, five Super Likes per day, and the Likes You feature, where you can see who likes you before you swipe on them. Considering that Super Likes have been shown to get right swipes three times more than regular likes, Tinder Gold may just help you get your perfect match to celebrate your country's big win.

And the truth is, the Olympics love Tinder anyway. The Tinder usage in Sochi in 2014 was considered "next level” by athletes, and usage skyrocketed again in the 2016 Olympics in Rio. It looks like PyeongChang is shaping up to be the same way. Even in the lead up to the Olympics, they saw a 348 percent increase in Tinder usage — including a 565 percent increase in right swipes and a 644 percent increase in matches. And that was before things even got started.

Considering the Olympics Village basically turns into the last days of Rome as athletes finish the games, I'm sure that the Tinder swipes will continue to grow. Whether people are looking for meaningful connections or, well, just some celebration for an evening, remains to be seen. But hey, if you've gone all the way to South Korea, as an athlete or a spectator, I think you deserve a little fun.

But it's not just Olympic athletes who are getting in on the action in PyeongChang — anyone who has Tinder Gold can set their location to South Korea, thanks to Tinder Gold's Passport feature.

And it turns out, a lot of different countries are getting in on the swiping in PyeongChang, whether they're actually at the Olympics are not. These were the countries that are Passporting (swiping abroad) into the Olympic Village the most, because — win or lose — Tinder is always there.

1. The United States

We love swiping, we love the Olympics. It's probably no surprise that the U.S. are the most frequent swipers.

2. Sweden

The Swedes are also getting plenty of swiping done this year.

3. The United Kingdom

Considering Tinder is basically a way of life for a lot of my British friends, this didn't surprise me at all.

4. Canada

All that curling works up a swiping appetite.

5. Switzerland

They may not be doing great on the medal front, but they're winning a lot of hearts.

6. Germany

The Germans are killing it on the ice rink, but they're also having some Tinder fun.

7. France

It's probably no surprise that the French, a notoriously passionate people, are enjoying some right swipes right now.

8. Australia

They might not be used to the cold this time of year, but it looks like the Australians have found a way to stay warm at this year's frigid Olympics. I mean, if I were there I imagine I'd be doing exactly the same thing — have you seen the wind!?

9. Netherlands

Coming in at number nine, the Netherlands are definitely getting their swipes in.

10. Argentina

Finally, rounding out the top 10, Argentina seems to be getting up in some fun at this year's Olympics.

There's a lot to celebrate at this the 2018 Olympics — and thanks to its Passport feature, once again, Tinder is one of them.