Edible Cookie Dough Stuffed With Oreos Just Hit Shelves

The Cookie Dough Cafe/Instagram

If you, like me, worship at the altar of cookie dough, then today is going to be a day of joy and celebration. You may know that edible cookie dough is having a bit of time in the spotlight, but let me make your life so much better and introduce you to edible Oreo cookie dough. Yup, the ultimate cookie is now available in delicious, non-poisoning cookie dough form — and you can get it right at Sam's Club, no less.

The Cookie Dough Cafe already makes some amazing cookie dough cups for Sam's Club — in fact, their chocolate chip variety is very popular, indeed. But now, they've expanded with a multi-pack that lets you take your Oreo cookie dreams and make them a reality.

The Cookie Dough Cafe posted an Instagram featuring these EPIC multi-packs last month and they are totally drool-worthy. These packs contain eight cups — four of the Oreo flavor and four in a classic chocolate chip cookie dough. Each little 3.5-ounce cup looks like a total dream. No word on the price, but you can order an 8-pack of the traditional chocolate chip version for $8.98 on the Sam's Club website, so I imagine an 8-pack of mixed flavors would be similar.

So you better keep an eye out the next time you swing by Sam's Club, because edible Oreo cookie dough sounds like a treat that could totally transform your summer. Some of the reviews talked about mixing the dough with ice cream, which I am totally here for. How about an Oreo cookie dough milkshake?

As I said, edible cookie dough has come a long way. For years we were just eating the leftover dough stuck to wooden spoons when our parents weren't looking, then quietly panicking that we were going to die of salmonella. Or maybe that was just me — I did a lot of quiet panicking in my youth and it was largely cookie dough-based. Now, edible cookie dough is everywhere.

Nestle Toll House, the OG of cookie dough, just released TUBS of dough, including a peanut butter option which looks freakin' amazing. Ben & Jerry's, another cookie dough giant, has edible cookie dough chunks that make perfect snacks — and one of their options is even vegan.

But if you like your hipster nonsense, there's a cookie dough option for you, too. is a cookie dough cafe in NYC, where you can go and make your own personal, delicious cookie dough monstrosities, just how you like them. Hell, there's even a cafe which bakes actual cookies stuffed with cookie dough — so your cookie can bleed warm cookie dough, which is the DREAM — and it delivers. I'm just waiting for some Silicon Valley startup to come up with a way to IV drip cookie dough straight into my arm and then my life will be complete. Sugary and complete.

What's your favorite kind of cookie dough? Whether you like chocolate chip, peanut butter, sugar cookie, or something a little jazzier, there are options out there for you. But there's no denying that Oreos are a cult classic — so edible Oreo cookie is clearly the way forward. But how many multi-packs will be enough? I'm stocking up, just to be sure.