Nestle Toll House Is Releasing Mini Tubs Of Edible Cookie Dough

Oh sweet lord — it's finally happened. The cookie dough fans out there will know that edible cookie dough has been having a bit of a moment. Sure, you've been eating cookie dough off of a spoon since you were a kid, but more and more companies have been releasing their delicious and safe versions that won't, you know, give you salmonella or whatever it is that's supposed to make you not eat cookie dough. Well, now the OG of the cookie dough game is getting in on the action with Nestle Toll House edible cookie dough finally making its way to shelves.

The omnipresent Instagrammer @CandyHunting managed to spot this orgasmic looking creation and snag a picture of what is sure to be your new favorite treat. "Nestle Toll House has entered the edible cookie dough game!" the post reads. "New Chocolate Chip and Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Monster Edible Cookie Dough is just starting to hit shelves. The dough is already out at Publix and will be headed to Meijer, a few other regional grocery chains, and select Walmart stores in July."

That's right — a classic chocolate chip option alongside a peanut butter version and it is already out in certain supermarkets. You can glimpse its majesty on Nestle Toll House's website, and CBS reports that the dough will cost you $5.50 for a 15-ounce container, which is steep for cookie dough — but not for a delicious chunk of happiness. Keep an eye on Walmart, because it promises to be coming your way soon.

The Nestle Toll House cookie recipes are instant favorites — and as these doughs are inspired by those classic flavors, I'm already excited. Plus, they come in actual tubs, perfect for scooping larger-than-life spoonfuls of cookie dough. Friday nights just got way more wild in my book.

But, as I said, they might be the OG of cookie dough recipes, but they're actually a relative latecomer to the edible cookie dough game. If you live in NYC, you can hit up DŌ and live your best cookie dough life, mixing it up with different flavors and toppings. There's also the World's Best Cookie Dough, which bakes cookies with cookie dough in the middle — like, delicious warm cookie dough oozing out of an actual cookie. If you prefer some take-home options, you can get cookie dough cups for one from The Cookie Dough Cafe right at Sam's Club and even Ben & Jerry's has gotten in on the cookie dough game, with Ben & Jerry's cookie dough bites available to take home and devour.

If you're feeling like your own version of Betty Crocker, you can even try a cookie dough for one recipe and whip up some safe to eat cookie dough at home — or just go the lazy route and stick with the Cookie Butter ice creams coming from Lotus Biscoff, which give you the cookie-y goodness but without any of the work. There are so many iterations of cookie to enjoy.

Nestle Toll House is such a big name in cookie dough, it's kind of hard to imagine it took them this long to release an edible version of dough in a tub — which is all anyone really wants in this life. But some great things are worth the wait. Now, there's just one question you have to ask yourself: Chocolate Chip or Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Monster?