OUAI's Curl Jelly Is A New Go-To For Curly Hair

While you may not think you know hair care brand OUAI, you actually probably do. The brand is not only the brain child of Kardashian hair stylist Jen Atkin, but it's the brand behind the game-changing foam dry shampoo. Now, OUAI's Curl Jelly is here, and it's the perfect product for women with curls, and in additional good news, it's perfect for pairing with existing OUAI products if you're already a Jen Atkin created loyalist.

OUAI's rise to hair care fame is due to creator Jen Atkin's incredible understanding of hair. After all, who else would dream of a dry shampoo foam that restores volume as if you'd just teased your locks for half an hour? Couple her talent with her notoriety for working with clients like Chrissy Teigen and the Kardashian and Jenner women, and you have a recipe from not only a brand with name recognition but one filled with incredible products.

What makes OUAI's Curl Jelly special, though? First up, it's a unique jelly formula created by a combination of gel and oil. The jelly formula helps to hydrate and nourish curls while blocking out humidity. Plus, the Curl Jelly features silk proteins and oils to help nourish hair while it softens and protects waves.


OUAI Curl Jelly, $26, Sephora

As for when you'll be able to snag OUAI's new Curl Jelly, it's set to hit shelves on June 1 at the brand's website. As for its price, the jelly will run fans of OUAI $26, making it a totally affordable hair care product and one that curly women can't miss.

To use the innovative formula, simply take a quarter sized amount and work it into damp hair. It's seriously that simple. With silk proteins to soften hair, an oil combination to moisturize, and smart keratin to repair damage, it will do everything you've ever needed a product to do for your curls.

If you're a fan of Atkin, OUAI, or just searching for the perfect product for your curly locks, the OUAI Curl Jelly may just be it. Mark your calendars for June 1, because you certainly don't want to miss this launch.