Lala Kent's Movie Premiere Photos Show The 'Vanderpump Rules' Stars Going FULL Hollywood

Phillip Faraone/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The Sexy Unique Scream Queen has arrived. On Wednesday, July 25, several members of the Vanderpump Rules cast attended the premiere of Lala Kent's movie The Row. We know this because there are lots of endearing videos and photos of the Vanderpump Rules stars at Lala's movie premiere on Instagram. Kristen Doute, Stassi Schroeder, Katie Maloney, Brittany Cartwright, Ariana Madix, Scheana Marie, Tom Sandoval, and Tom Schwartz all showed up to The Row's maiden voyage in support of their friend and colleague. And thanks to the Instagram Stories that Lala and her Pump Rules co-stars posted before and after they watched the horror flick, it was almost like we were right there in that Los Angeles theater with them.

In The Row, Lala plays a college freshman who decides to join a sorority. However, before she can get settled, a serial killer targets her sorority house. The serial killer, as the trailer reveals, turns their victims into dolls. Oh, and a dating app may or may not play some sort of role in the murders? Lala’s character channels her inner Clarice Starling/Harry Callahan/Columbo and attempts to get to the bottom of this grisly mystery.

Are you raring to see the Pumper’s upcoming film? Is the wait almost getting to be too much to bear? Well, there is no need break into an impatient sweat, Lala stans, because the movie really is almost here. The Row will grab some paddles and row into select theaters and OnDemand on July 27. Until then, here are some Pump-tastic IG posts to tide you over.

Here Is Lala Getting Ready For Her Big Night

Lala? More like La-legend.

Here Are The Vander-Ladies Descending Upon The Theater

Wow. What a Sexy Unique Coterie. We are not worthy.

Here Is Lala Standing In Front Of The Movie Poster

Now what exactly does "deny them Schwartz" entail? Something along the lines of bathing in a river the morning of your wedding, perhaps?

Here Are The Vander-Ladies Posing Next To The Movie Poster

If a Vanderpump fan were to, say, put this image on a sheet cake when their next birthday rolls around, would that be a Sexy Unique Bridge Too Far?

Here Is Lala Dancing It Out After The Movie

As one does.

Here Is Lala Giving Her Acceptance Speech For Her “Oscar”

May we all be so lucky to see her give a similar speech at the real Oscars one day.

And Jax Taylor Took His & Brittany's Dogs For A Walk... ?

Wait a second. Are we to conclude he did not attend his co-star's premiere? That's... odd. Fellow Pumper James Kennedy's apparent absence makes sense (ugh, what a devastating friendship breakup it's been), but Jax? Wonder what happened there. Hm hm hm. Oh, if only there was a reality show that revolved around this particular group of friends.

Lala’s career truly is on a roll this year. Her single “Boy” reached number one on the iTunes Electronic chart in May. She filmed some scenes for a movie called The Vault. Her beauty line, Give Them Lala, keeps on growing. She attended Cannes. She is one of the stars of a hit reality series that was nominated for an MTV Movie & TV Award. And her slasher flick will be out tomorrow.

Raise your bubbas high. Lala is giving 2018 so much Lala.