Prince Charles' Speech At The Royal Wedding Reception Reveals A Surprising Side To The Royal

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The 2018 Royal Wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle featured a gorgeous ceremony, incredible carriage rides, and a few memorable memes. Once the cameras stopped rolling, though, it got even better. Prince Charles' speech at the Royal Wedding reception was apparently so funny, and so moving, that it might just change the rest of the world's opinion of the stately royal.

Prince Charles always seems reserved in public, but he reportedly revealed a wry sense of humor during his son and new daughter-in-law's reception. His speech to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex may just reinvigorate his image. Per U.K. newspaper The Telegraph, Prince Charles' speech had everything you could want from a father watching his younger son marry an exceptional person. The Prince of Wales reportedly got emotional while talking about his "darling old Harry." In fact, the paper reports that many of the guests were moved to tears by his funny and touching speech.

Darling old Harry! As if that weren't enough already, Prince Charles is also said to have commented on the happiness he felt about seeing his little boy all grown up. According to The Telegraph, he even cracked an amusingly British joke about having to "wind" Harry so much as a child that he likely still has a bit of wind in him today. (Wind means "to burp," fellow Americans.)

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Prince Charles was also reportedly cozy and welcoming toward the Duchess of Sussex's family. Per The Telegraph, he was even spotted escorting Ms. Doria Ragland, the Duchess's mother, arm-in-arm around the room during the reception.

The newspaper further reported that Prince Charles' speech could only be followed by one as delightful as his son's. It turns out that Prince Harry might have gotten more from his father than people realized, including his famous sense of humor. The Telegraph described the newlywed's speech to the room as one that came from the heart and included several mentions of how in love with Markle he is, while also making room for a joke about not disturbing the neighbors with reception merriment.

Well, when the Duke of Sussex tells you to behave — even jokingly — perhaps it's best to listen. The paper reported that the groom continued his lighthearted jests throughout the speech, and reportedly promised "the Americans will not steal the swords." Meanwhile, charity worker Veronica German told the paper, "He couldn't get very far as every time he said 'my wife' everyone cheered and he had to go back to the beginning. It was very funny."

Too cute for words. But wait, there's more! The newlywed couldn't help but slip a joke into his introduction of Sir Elton John as well. He reportedly asked if anyone could play the piano, before the Piano Man himself came out to play a mini-concert including his hits "Tiny Dancer" and "Circle of Life."

Imagine having the confidence to joke about having a piano player in the room before introducing your close personal friend, Sir Elton John, to perform for your select guests. Honestly, that could only come from literal royalty — and a man obviously raised with warmth, intelligence, and a twinkle in his eye.

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Prince Charles' speech at the Royal Wedding reception sounds as if it was gorgeous and heartfelt. It may surprise those who aren't used to thinking of the Prince of Wales as either relaxed or at all jovial. It sounds as if it were a lovely reflection of the bride and groom — as well as their inspiring relationship. Here's hoping someone sneakily recorded a bit on their cell phone so hat the world can hear the next in line for the throne of England refer to the Duke of Sussex as "darling old Harry."