Let This Clip Of Rachel Lindsay Rapping Remind You Why She's Totally Your Fave Bachelorette


There's been a rivalry between The Bachelorette and The Bachelor for a while about which franchise has been more successful. So when Bachelor Nation's Rachel Lindsay and Ben Higgins face off on Lip Sync Battle, you know it's going to be a showdown of epic proportions. In one corner there's Rachel Lindsay, attorney and star of The Bachelorette Season 13, a show coming off a hot streak of four successful couples in a row. In the other there's Ben Higgins, former software salesman and star of The Bachelor Season 20, which is... coming off no such hot streak. Things seem stacked in Rachel's favor, and the actual performances have yet to begin.

Based on a newly released teaser clip, it certainly looks like Rachel is a real contender. Based on the hotness and precision that Rachel is bringing to the stage, Ben better be polishing his act. The Dallas native chose Salt-N-Pepa's "Shoop" for one of her two performances, for which she donned shredded jean shorts, knee-high black boots, a sporty black bomber jacket, simple white tank, black choker, and oversized gold hoops. And of course, flawless makeup and a stunning blowout, because that's how the reality star rolls. To quote co-host Chrissy Teigen — "How are you that hot and a lawyer?"

Rachel struts around the stage throughout the performance as she flawlessly mouths along with every word of the fast-paced rap section. You can hardly even tell that she cut her teeth as an attorney-turned-reality-star and not as a straight up entertainer, like most performers who grace the Lip Sync Battle stage. But even with her nontraditional background, the litigator gives no trace of nerves as she slays "Shoop."

Standing beside host LL Cool J after her performance, Rachel got the audience fired up too, asking them. “How many of us have not sung that song, danced to it in the mirror?” The answer is probably everybody, so go ahead and raise your hand like you know you want to. "I love that I’m representing Salt-N-Pepa today," Rachel beamed in conclusion, grinning from ear to ear. Based on what we've seen so far, it's likely that the former Bachelorette would've made Salt-N-Pepa members Cheryl James and Sandra Denton — and even past member Latoya Hanson — more than a little proud.

One thing the clip does not give fans any glimpse of, however, is Ben's performance, but People promises that he'll be debuting a rousing rendition of "You Give Love A Bad Name," complete with the wig and leather outfit that he's sporting above. It's quite a departure from the looks he favored back in 2016, when a bevy of women were competing for his heart on The Bachelor, but will the Bon Jovi costume be enough to topple Rachel?

Again, that remains to be seen — Lip Sync Battle airs Thursdays at 10:00pm ET on the Paramount Network — but this competition often comes down to charisma and making smart choices. And if that's the case, then Rachel is certainly coming in with an edge. She won hearts on her season by being one of the most grounded, committed, and likable stars that the franchise had ever seen. Meanwhile, Ben got backlash on his season for saying "I love you" to two women — both runner-up JoJo Fletcher and winner Lauren Bushnell. Could his song choice of "You Give Love A Bad Name" be a sly reference to the heat he took after that season?

There's also the fact that while Ben and Lauren broke off their engagement in May 2017 after about a year and a half together. Meanwhile, Rachel and her fiancé Bryan Abasolo are about a year in and still going strong, planning a Spring 2019 wedding. Not that these things necessarily have anything to do with their success on Lip Sync Battle, but early money is on Rachel. So the advice for Ben is to rehearse, rehearse, rehearse, and hope that it doesn't come down to the popularity vote.